Friday, July 30, 2010

Spin Cycle--The first time...

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Jen's topic for the spin cycle this week was The First Time.  It could be any first time--first spin cycle you participated in, first time you saw your child, first time you met your significant other, first date, first anything really.  With so many firsts to choose from, I had a hard time deciding which first to write about.

In thinking about this I got to thinking about how many firsts we encounter during our lifetimes.  From our first breath to first day of school, to first baby the events of our lives are dominated by firsts.  Only a few of our celebrations are about lasts--graduations are about it.  At least until we get older and funerals take over from weddings and babies.  Wow that got morbid in a hurry. 

OK so let's lighten things up a bit.  I think I'll tell you about the first time Nick and I lived together.  It was a studio apartment.  It had two rooms--one was kitchen and dinning room, the other was living room and bedroom.  It also had a very small bathroom--with a shower and sink and toilet (there was a bonus for the guys--they could lean on the sink while using the toilet, space was that tight in there).  The whole apartment was maybe 200 square feet.  We had a daybed that doubled as a sofa (it had a trundle we pulled out at night), and a rocking chair.  We had a table that would seat two people (if they were really cosy).  there was a fridge and a small stove and a sink/cabinet combo.  Cosy living indeed.

The only reason Nick and I made it while living in that apartment was that we only spent maybe two hours in the evening together-the rest of the time we were sleeping, at school or at work.  If our schedules has matched better we might not have lasted.  Nick worked a sort of factory job--from 6:30 am to 4:30 pm.  I went to school--I was on campus from 8:00am until 8:00pm because I also worked in the cafeteria.  So we only saw each other from about 8:00pm until bedtime around 10:00pm.  Young love--it can handle anything right?

Well Nick hated the job he had, so he decided to go back to school and right about that time we were able to move into a one bedroom apartment (which was right next door to the original apartment).  We just about doubled our living space and with that added space were able to keep our sanity and our relationship.

Well, that was our first apartment, we can still drive by it on occasion and remember the good old first time in our very first apartment.  Now go spin up your own first time and link up with Jen at Sprite's Keeper.


  1. That's sweet! When John and I first lived together, it was in a bedroom in his brother's condo. It was fine for us, but not living with his brothers, so we rented our own apartment and managed to stay there for almost 5 years before buying our house. I have nothing but good memories about the apartment, the condo? Not so much. You're linked!

  2. Ha ha. I am at that point of witnessing lots of firsts too... I'm glad you posted! I had you bookmarked and then accidentaly deleted ALL MY FAVORITES and lost you! :) I'm back!

  3. What a great first experience! It must be nice to drive by and see how far you have come since then!

  4. This is a really sweet post. T and I are currently in our first home together, so I'm sure we'll always remember these times and how we managed to pull through on so little. Great memories!

  5. That was a fun post. How neat is it to look back & how far you've come :)

  6. I remember that first apartment my husband and I lived in together. It was small (but not as small as yours!)

    All those firsts are a thing to be is just extra fun if you can look back on some of them and laugh!

  7. My first apartment with my hubby was upstairs in my mom's house. It wasn't horrible, but we were certainly happy to buy our house.

  8. I look back, too and sometimes wonder how we ever made it! Young love, and I guess love is exactly what we lived off those days!

  9. Reminds me of my first marriage. We lived in a one room apartment that had no kitchen and had to share the bathroom with the other two tennents on that floor. UGH it was awful!

    Glad yall made it through!


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