Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not Mom of the Year

NOT Mom of the Year Award

Life Without Pink and The Mommyologist are hosting a contest.  Not Mommy of the Year to be exact.  We all have our moments when we do not shine as moms.  This is a fun contest where you get to compare your worst moments to those of other moms and find out that maybe, just maybe your not so bad after all.

So here are my most recent Not Mommy of the Year moments:

  • We went camping over the Fourth of July.  I carefully packed a pair of hiking boots for Turbo without looking at the soles of them, and without even thinking of packing running shoes or anything like that.  I mean we were in the mountains and I packed the hiking boots.  OK, so on the first morning the entire sole (except for maybe one inch at the front) came off one of the hiking boots--broke into several pieces--which we could not find.  So the kid is left with Tevas and a pair of crocks for the remaining three days we are there.  Mommy fails!
  • Turbo has finally figured out how to play video games for himself and not frustrate himself and constantly ask for help.  This is all well and good but last weekend  I let him play enough that he developed a blister on one of his thumbs.  Again Mommy fails!
  • Bruiser loves to be outside but getting mosquito repellent on him doesn't always happen.  Therefore his ankles are swollen and red and he has a bite on his head that he scratches at.  Mommy fails!
  • Bruiser also does not really eat regular meals.  He gets breakfast--oatmeal--and lunch--PB&J--most days but dinner, well lets just say he grazes off our plates, or I will give him a snack to tide him over until dinner is done, than he snacks off our plates.  Mommy fail!
  • But I think my worst Mommy fail has to be being irritable and yelling at the minor noises and actions that my boys do, Turbo more than Bruiser.  However, in my defense, I think Turbo tries to see how far he can push to make mommy snap.  He can zero in on the one thing guaranteed to send me through the roof and then do it over and over again until I'm just about ready to pay the Circus to take him away.  I am far more interested in quiet than justice when I hear Bruiser scream and Turbo and he are "playing".  Mommy fail?
Now go spill your Not Mom of the Year moments and link up with The Mommyologist and Life Without Pink.  It should be a good time.


  1. More interested in quite than in justice - that's a good parenting motto :)

  2. Your kids' eating habits sound right in line with mine! I seriously don't know what I'd do without PB & J. It's basically all he'll eat!!

    Thanks for entering our contest!

  3. I can so relate to that last one. I just want quiet.

  4. OH MY GOSH the noises!!! Some days I can't even think. Seriously they just never stop. Oh & when I say quiet time, that all of the sudden is cue for asking a million questions. WHAT???

  5. Blisters heal, right? :) Great post!

  6. Id give a toe for some quiet in my house!


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