Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blog Bash Challenge#3--Let My Life Song Sing to You

Blog Bash

So the blog challenge today is to choose a song that represents your life and tell why you chose that song.  I can think of lots of songs that represent my life at various stages but for right now I think I'd have to go with Lonestar's Mountains.  The video is here.
I like this one because right now in our family we have had lots of mountains to climb in the last few months.  And because we always say it will work out.  We just have to keep moving forward.  Right now I think we are up to about eight things that have gone wrong or busted or got hurt this spring.  I just have to remember that the mountains are there to make us appreciate the flat places even more.


  1. well the vid isnt showing up for me but i totally get the mountains ;)

  2. The video isn't showing. But I agree with you and i think that the mountains are worth it climb.They give a good reason to reach out and hold God's hand.

  3. I totally understand why you chose that song, even though i dont like country hardly at all...i felt that song.

    i looked it up even tho the vid wouldn't work for me.

    im your newest follower come stop by and say hi

  4. I adore that song!! :)

    Thanks for playing and good luck.

  5. hey from blog bash! thanks for stopping by! love this song, great post!

  6. I am a new follower from the Blog Bash! This has been loads of fun huh?


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