Friday, July 16, 2010

Blog Bash--I Got It From My Momma

Blog Bash

Challenge #5 is to dedicate a post to your mom.  A memory, a funny story, or a time she inspired you.

I have written about how my mom makes me crazy, but there are things about her that I do admire.  My mom never had it what you could call easy.  She was one of nine kids--#7 to be exact.  Her mom was sick when she was born and they never really bonded.  Mom was the black sheep--the reason everything went wrong , the one who could do no right.  This understandably colored the family's view if my mom.  She did OK for her self--she had fun working for TWA in New York City in the mid 60's.  She got to travel the world and see lots of stuff, then she met my dad. 

They were happy for three years--I came along--but then the demon that had a hold of my dad--alcoholism--took over and he committed suicide when I was three months old.  My mom held together and raised me until she met my younger brother's dad.  He was not the best guy--in fact he was the worst guy. 

I admire my mom because she knew when to ask for help to get out of a bad situation and save herself and her kids.  My mom has the worst taste in men.  She can't pick a decent guy--she has the problem that she wants to save them, she just knows she can fix them.  The is one cycle that I definitely broke when I found my soul mate.

My mother is a strong woman and if I can be half as strong as she is I will do OK for myself.  She is finding her way now and she is pursuing her dream--she writes Tatting(a form of lace making by tying knots) books--can do anything with a needle and thread that can be done and she dotes on her grandsons.

However she still has the power to drive me straight up the wall with out even trying.  Is that a skill all mothers are born with or is it gifted when they are in the hospital?


  1. Wow! Dad committed suicide and Mom held it together strong? U got a great woman there.
    i'm impressed.

    Moms are great aren't they? Yours mine, they are all good...

  2. She sounds like a wonderful woman, a real role- model.

  3. You had me when you said she was the black sheep.
    When I was 14 my sister was born and my mother was slightly brain damaged at the birth. Boy was our family in turmoil after that. No one ever spoke of it directly. I judged my mother harshly thinking she was just being a jerk and that she could be the mother I had before.
    Anyway, my sister has gone through so much thinking she isn't any good when it wasn't any fault of hers or anyone's.
    It makes me curious about the situations people grow up in that shape who they are.
    Bless us all.

  4. All I can say least she stayed with you and tried. My mom baled when I was 18 months old and left me with my dad. Then had a son later on and the state took him away from her and she never told a soul till he came looking for us 16 years later.
    She was a real piece of work!

  5. My mom has similar talents. Not only is she a button pusher, but she also has awful awful judgment when it comes to men, and just when you think she couldn't do any worse...she does. Yikes. I could tell some stories. But it is what it is. Luckily I learned from her mistakes, rather than repeat them. ;) Your mom sounds strong, despite all.

  6. WOW! A strong woman indeed! I do think it is a trait that every mom has... mine drives me insane a lot of the time too :)


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