Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Tuesday

It's Tuesday and that means random with Keely time.  Or random thoughts with Keely, or, oh geez-just write your random thoughts and go link with Keely, she wants us to think about monkeys and toasters.  I found this, which is sort of toaster like.

So, things here have been hot--not as hot as the rest of the country but still, hot.  So Saturday I took the boys to the park near our house to go see the new splash pad that was installed.  Turbo loved it--he ran around like a fool.  Bruiser would have nothing-I repeat nothing-to do with the water.  I coaxed him over to one fountain and he touched it once or twice and he was so over the whole experience.  Let's go swing Mom, that's much more fun than the water!

My mom has a birthday on Thursday.  She started counting backwards at 29.  She is minus seven now. (You do the math.)  We are having her and Nick's folk over for dinner that night.  It will be nice--I hope.  There might be thunderstorms but with any luck we can be outside.

I'm sending Nick and Turbo camping this weekend.  They will take the four wheeler and head to a lake that is only accessible by a rough four wheel drive road.  They should have a great time.  I get to be home with just Bruiser--and he goes to bed early.  Quiet time for mommy--yippee!

And Bruiser is scaling anything he can.  Man that kid can climb.  Anything he can get up on that gives him access to a higher shelf, that's where I will find him.  He's making me nuts.  Climbing the couch is one thing--most of the landing places are soft--ish.  The things he is climbing in the kitchen--not so much.  I was cutting up chicken last evening for dinner and turned around to find him standing on the bar stool we have in the kitchen--about three feet off the floor.  I got him down after I recovered from the minor heart attack he gave me.

And is anyone else's kid fascinated by utensils?  Forks, spoons and stuff like that?  Bruiser loves any he can get ahold of--but most especially forks.  I don't let him run around with the real ones but he loves them.  One perk--he will eat anything if he can eat it off a spoon.  At least a couple of bites anyway.

We have one month before Trubo goes back to school.  Where has this summer gone?  I blinked and July is almost over.  How did that happen?  I think I need to stop blinking--Bruiser just climbed up on the coffee table.

We have been watching the Muppet Show on DVD.  Bruiser loves to dance to some of the music and Turbo likes it better than MASH on DVD.  I like it better than the cartoons on the Cartoon network.  So it is a win for all of us.

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  1. MASH!! Hahah. My now 18yo nephew used to fall asleep to MASH! It was the only way he'd go to sleep (it came on at 1030) when he was 4!

  2. We haven't tried the muppets, yet. LG recently discovered "The Nutshell Kids", though, and I've seen it many, many times.

    I think you should try padding your kid and not the surfaces he might fall on. Then let me know how it works...

  3. Hey lady, you'll have an award waiting for you at my blog later today...stop by and pick it up :-)

  4. A month before school!? I wish we had another month!

  5. I'm SO GLAD Summer is almost over! It's just too too hot!

    Yay for Autumn!!

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Ah, the Muppets! I remember one dance scene where two Muppets are slow dancing and the man says to the woman, "I think my feet are killing me." The woman says, "From all the dancing?" And he goes, "No, they're really trying to kill me" before his feet come up and start pummeling him.
    I think we'll wait a few years on Muppets. :-)

  7. I love that your mom is minus seven...too funny! Happy Birthday to her!

    The climbing stage is so much fun...not! Princess Nagger started and hasn't stopped. The little daredevil.

    We only have a month before school, too - time is flying by way too fast. I keep trying not to blink.

    I loved the Muppet Show! Nice that it's a win all around for you guys. :)

    RTT: Dinosaurs, Geodes and a Scenic Moth

  8. Vandy=
    My mom would be -7 as well if she had thought of that idea. I tell her every day how beautiful she is. I so agree with you on summer where has it went? Wow gone in a wink I guess

  9. Aw, I wish my kids liked the Muppet Show more, they still prefer Nickelodeon.

    Hope you enjoy the mommy time. Take the peace where you can get it with your little climber. They tend to fall down a lot...

  10. It is soo sad the summer is almost over, I only got to see the grandkids twice. Bummer.

    That little climber would scare me. Is he trying to touch the ceiling? LOL!

    Woohoo! I'm 17 again! I like your moms math!


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