Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blog bash--High School Rekindle

Blog Bash

OK, so Brittany wants us to write about our high school years or a story from high school.

My high school years were nothing to remember. I was mousy, shy and a bookworm--in short a geek or nerd.  I swam, participated in plays and was a member of the speech team.  I got good grades and never got in trouble.  I was a goody two shoes.  And I couldn't wait to get out of my small town and go to college.  What's really scary is that my 20 year high school reunion is next year.  No it can't be that long ago can it?

There are a few good memories of high school though.  I've written about my one and only experience with prom here and here.

But one memory that does stand out for me was during my senior year.  The play we put on was a melodrama.  You know--with a villain you boo and the hero you cheer and a heroine you sigh over?  Well anyway the villain was the foreign exchange student we had in our small town that year.  He was from Norway and had a heavy accent so he was perfect.  Very blond though, and he was given a black, very full stick on mustache.  This is important, stay with me.

Now for the time between acts the director decided we needed to do a joke wall--a la Laugh-In.  Different cast members would pop out and tell jokes or seriously bad one liners and we had some songs to sing too.  I was one of the dancing sisters (Lacey and Dusty Doily--I was Lacey or was I Dusty?  We were pretty interchangeable so it really doesn't matter) and I was sharing the window with the villain for this particular joke wall time.  We were singing one of the songs and his mustache started to come loose.  He was able to last that song but by the next it was hanging on only barely.  And then it happened.  The mustache left his face and floated to the stage floor.  We both watched it go and never missed a note in the song we were singing.

My mom was in the audience and said the funniest thing about the show was watching both our faces as we watched that mustache make it's escape.  After the wall part was finished they salvaged the mustache and stuck it back on his face for the rest of the show.

Well that is one of the better memories I have of high school.  Go see Brittany for more high school memories.


  1. Ok, I'm totally impressed you all didn't just burst out laughing!

  2. Well, today is Embrace your Geekiness Day, so celebrate your hs days, I say.

    I would have laughed the whole time the mustache fell. I'm good like that.

  3. I would have been trying to hold back my laughter and probably snorted or something! I am so glad I stopped by the Bash today!

  4. Isn't it funny how everyone can talk about the ONE foreign exchange student they had in their town?

  5. That is fun! I remember getting a foriegn exchange student from getting sent back home. We were partying with him & the cops came. I ran to the door & started making small talk with the cops (they knew who I was because my dad was a volunteer fire fighter at the time) all while Daniel the exchange student & his host slipped out the back door. I confessed to my dad when I got home (well I confessed I was there not that I was drinking or anything :) I never got in trouble & Daniel got to spend the rest of the time hanging with all of us. Fun times! Are you going to go to your reunion??? You sure do have some cute cute boys to show off!

  6. That's too funny. I too am looking forward to my 20 yr in October...ahh funny I don't feel that old!

  7. Sorry for laughing, but that was funny!!
    I wish I could remember something good about high school, I was such the opposite from you. In trouble, bad grades...


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