Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tagged! 25 things You Didn't Want to Know

Heather over at Welch Happenings Blog tagged me for 25 things you DIDN'T want to know about me.  Thanks for the tag and here goes:
  1. I must nibble when I read--usually sunflower seeds but I will do chips or crackers too.
  2. I have to fiddle with something--I twist my hair, play with my necklace, bracelet, rings, shirt hem, pen,  anything I can do with my hands, especially when I'm nervous or bored.
  3. I do my dishes in spurts--and I hate doing them because I can scan for all of them, do them, then find at least two more that I missed when I'm done.
  4. I pull the sheets up on the bed and call it good--It's only truly made when I change the sheets.  Hey, we are just going to get in it again at night.
  5. I had never ridden or driven a four wheeler until last weekend.  I'm not so good (cause I hit a tree).
  6. I like camping--but I like doing nothing when we go camping.
  7. There are dog people and cat people.  I like cats.  So much so that I have two (who don't get along).
  8. I am surrounded by superheros and I really don't know much about them.
  9. I am really good at fitting puzzles.
  10. The only reality TV we watch is Deadliest Catch and other Discovery Channel shows.
  11. I am a geologist and trips we take often become about how cool the rocks are where we go.  We are kind of geeks about the geology we see when we go places.
  12. I am lazy--I have figured out how to get things done quickly and then spend the rest of my time doing what I enjoy doing.
  13. The best vacation we ever took was to Clearwater, Florida.  Turbo would claim the trip to Disney World was the best but I enjoyed the beach the most.
  14. I have a special ability--I can get cold any where--the beach in the Bahamas, at a pool, in the hot sun, anywhere--It's a gift.
  15. I am not a creative cook--I have to have a recipe, but I am getting better about experimenting with them.
  16. I am raising a Linus.  Turbo loves his blanket.  It's green.  It's soft and he loves smelling it.  Breaking the habit may be next to impossible.
  17. I have to have the TV going to nap.  It has to be something I've seen lots of times but if it is playing I sleep better and wake up easier.  I'm weird.
  18. I really like the how they made it on DVDs.  The longer the better.  I love knowing the magic behind the movies.
  19. I don't often eat breakfast during the week.  The weekends, yes, but week days it just doesn't happen--unless it is Carnation Instant Breakfast and that really doesn't count.
  20. Our cars have very low mileage because we tend to ride our bikes to work.  I know, how green of us but we were green before green was cool.
  21. I have kids that can zero in on the one sound that will drive me straight up the wall without much effort.  They are so talented.
  22. I can cuss with the best of them, but it always surprises people when I do.
  23. I still get carded when I buy alcohol.  On occasion, anyway.
  24. I love watching What Not To Wear, but I am not very fashion forward myself.
  25. I don't often wear makeup.  I just don't feel comfortable in it so I go au natural.
Now I am supposed to tag ten bloggers with this one.  Here goes:
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Hmmm...I think that's going to be it for the tags.  So what if I'm a rule breaker.


  1. Those were great! A geologist? Pretty cool!

  2. I love What Not to Wear, too! Except when I finish watching, I always want to purge my closet...

  3. I love little lists like this. It is always fun finding out things about someone that you wouldn't really know otherwise!

  4. I love What Not to Wear but I spend the whole time worrying that someone is going to sign me up for that show. I am not much of a material person but when it comes to clothes, some have very significant meaning to me and I would be devastated if they were thrown away. Plus, they always dress people in clothes that make them look like they couldn't stop to change a tire or plant a tree and I just about always dress so that I could do either of those, if I had some gloves. Case in point, I was dressed fairly fancy for me one day and had to help a neighbor with her water connection and I just looked ridiculous!

  5. I LOVE the behind the scenes on a dvd. If a movie has one, I immediately watch it as soon as the movie is over. Ever see the Finding Nemo one? Awesome!

  6. I LOVE the behind the scenes on a dvd. If a movie has one, I immediately watch it as soon as the movie is over. Ever see the Finding Nemo one? Awesome!

  7. This was the perfect post for me to read since I'm new here and now I feel like I know so much about you. It's great! I love cats also, and I too have 2 of them :)
    It's great to meet you, now a new follower of yours.

  8. I always think its funny when I get carded!

  9. Very interesting. I live on Hawaii and am amazed at the different forms of the lave.

  10. A Geologist, I knew we had to have something in common. I LOVE ROCKS!
    Love your list and thanks for playing along.


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