Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blog Bash--New Friends

Blog Bash

OK so for this challenge we get to showcase Brittany and the new bloggy friends we have made during this bash.  I will admit I have not been great about checking out lots of the other bloggers but I have found a couple of new friends through this adventure.  I joined the blog bash on a whim after seeing it on another blog.  It looked like fun and not too much trouble--not lots and lots of hoops to jump through to join, so here I am.  Meeting new friends in the bloggy world is much more fun that in real life(easier too).

Not Your Average Teen

Brittany Ciara--This is the genius behind the Blog Bash.  Hard to believe she's just a teenager, but as she says she's definitely not average.  I think she's kind of how I wish I had been at 18.  Confident, sure of herself and outgoing.  Go check out her site--she has lots going for her.

Donda over at My Husband Misunderstood me when I said I was Bi Is one new friend I have found.  She is funny and fabulous.  She approaches having Bipolar disorder was humor and dignity.  I can relate because people in my family have it too.  She is funny and entertaining to read, so go check her out too.

Adrienne At All These Things Is another blogger I've found.  She is a mom (to a boy so she gets the all boy thing) and She loves animals and live with quite the menagerie.  Her son is the same age as my oldest and Second Grade is looming.  She approaches life with humor and I have enjoyed reading her take on things.

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  1. Donda is hilarious!!
    I love her title!!! ROFL!!!

    I'm glad you met so many nice people!!
    I guess it is time to do my challenge now...

    'Cause I got some peeps that I met too!!


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