Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank You Very Much

It's free therapy day!  Yep, it's Thursday.  So thank those people who irked you this past week and get it off your chest.  Then go link with Kmama at The Daily Dribbles and check out everyone else's peeves.

To Nick--I realize you couldn't sleep this morning  but I was totally not ready to get up at 6:05am.  Thank you very much for getting me up along with you.  Maybe tomorrow we can sleep a bit longer?   Please?

To the officials that decided to make every road around the university campus in our town 20 mph.  Thank you very much for deciding to make all of them 20mph.  Now I am in danger of speeding because I can't remember to slow down cause I'm so not used to the new limits.  I guess the city has to make money some how.

To the girl who "Parked at the curb" in front of our house.You know when you park you need to be closer to the curb.  Five feet from it does not count.  Too bad about the ticket, but it wasn't me who ratted you out.  I'm not happy about where I had to park because you can't park.  So thank you very much for your wonderful parking job.

A genuine Thank you very much to Stacy over at SLMPeterson for doing the leg work for some low sodium ideas.  Got see what she has up.  We can all do with less sodium in our diets.


  1. I hate when people park like that on the curbs!!!

  2. I hate bad parkers. I know I'm bad at parallel parking, so I just avoid it. LOL

    Hey, you were up with me if you were up at 6! It IS too early. For sure.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I admit it. I can't park worth pooh. But I generally get too close to the curb!

  4. I hate 20 MPH speed limits. My van does not coast slower than 30. Seriously.

  5. Thanks for the link back! I hope there are others reading about low sodium today!

  6. Isn't it nearly impossible to go 20 mph? And the bad parking...Okay, I admit I do have a very hard time parking's a family joke!

  7. Funny, you are very funny.
    I gave you two awards at my blog today - yes two!


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