Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughs

Random Tuesday Thoughts with The UnMom, it's a Tuesday tradition.  Maybe, I know I like it.  Anyrandom, if you have some random you need to get rid of just write it up and go link up.


OK, so we might be tempting fate but we planted the veggie gardens this weekend.  Now the temps just need to stay above freezing (warmer would be much appreciated).  We are waiting for the annuals.  I'm not that confident in the weather, I'm just sure it's gonna snow on us again.  Next month is better--usually.

Bruiser is definitely living up to his name.  On Saturday evening he tripped and hit his face on the toy piano he has in the living room.  Result--shiner under his left eye to go with the cut above his right eye.  The kid is looking rough. 

Nick read a book this weekend.  Now this might not sound very momentous but the last book he read for fun was when he was 19.  He got through a James Rollins book in about two and a half days--a major record for him, and he enjoyed it.  I'm tickled, I've wanted him to read forever but it was never his thing, but with the boot he's stuck in, he's not got anything else to do.  He's sick of TV and we don't have a Tivo or DVR yet.  I think A DVR might be in order for his birthday, we will see.  but he picked up a book and got caught in the story and really burned through it.  Awesome!

Turbo continues to have issues with paying attention to his teacher satisfaction.  I think there is some summeritis and teacher tired going on.  We have had troubles all year with Turbo and his teacher.  I don't think they meshed well.  All we have to do is get him through the next two and a half weeks.  On a brighter note, Turbo turns seven next week--on Tuesday.  We are having his party on Saturday.  Wish us luck.  Scooby will be throwing the party.  I can only hope it goes well.

Over at SLMPeterson there is a great article about low salt eating.  I have had to cut down my salt intake due to the kidney stone trouble I have had.  Stacy was good enough to do some research and put together some interesting stuff on lowering the salt you eat.  Go check it out.

Now go see Keely--and see the other randomness this week.


  1. Can a mom have summeritis? Cause I have been sooo tempted to blow off school days these last week or so.

  2. Thanks for the link! Have a great Tuesday - more Low salt eating to come tomorrow!

  3. Don't you hate when your kids look like you beat them... I always try to cuddle them even more when I'm out & about so people don't think I'd ever hit my kiddo. It is truly amazing how clumbsy some kids can be! Bummer about Turbo & his teacher not really meshing, that is so important! When I was growing up I had a lot of this. It never was detramental though so that is good. Happy almost Birthday to him!!! :) I'd LOVE a veggie garden... although, I'd have to have someone come manage it for me cuz I'd kill it. Ohhh Ohhh Ooooohhhh TOTALLY get Tivo or DVR, your life will never be the same :)

  4. Party? Awesome! Yippee! Seven? Time flies.

  5. I love seeing my hubs too so I totally understand. He is generally not a reader but lately has been reading more and more, especially while working out of state because he gets bored

  6. Well, they say it takes seven scars to make a man. Sounds like Bruiser is going to be man before he's two!


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