Friday, May 21, 2010

Spin Cycle--Stressed Out!

small cycle

Stress is the topic this week.  Stress, how well I know it. stress from jobs, family, friends, school, health, and life in general.  The level changes but some stress is always there.  It affects me in many ways.  When it is deadline stress--like for a test--I have trouble sleeping the night before.  When it is one going like say family dynamics(my mother) or coworker stress, my stomach ties up in knots and things don't run smoothly.  I have learned to deal with the ongoing stress about money--is there enough, did all the bills get paid--which is pretty constant.  I'm not sure what I'd do without stress--probably be healthier and calmer.

I have had a variety of ways to let off stress.  When I worked at a  grocery store deli counter (ages ago) I would often come home from work and be annoyed at the stupid people who would demand meat after we had just finished cleaning for the night or those who insisted on fresher meat or cheese or wanted sample of everything then would buy next to nothing.  Computer games were just getting popular and we had gotten Doom.  I took to playing about 20-30 minutes of it when I came home and after blowing several monsters to bits I felt much better.  This still works but getting the time--not so much.
Growing up I dealt with stress by reading a good book.  This still works but I need the time and motivation to read.  It's hard to get into a book when you are interrupted constantly by small boys (and a big one too).  Books still serve as an escape from everyday life for me but I don't get to read as often as I'd like.  I have found that blogging can reduce stress for me too--I can rant about my mom, hubby(not to often necessary), kids, life in general and I feel better after getting it out of my system, rather than letting it cook and stew inside.
And for the best family stress reliever there is the road trip.  We love to get in the car or truck and head for the hills.  Just seeing the city limit sign go by relaxes both Nick and I.  We enjoy camping--especially with the pop-up camper we have.  We would like to get a newer one(ours is only five years younger than I am) but it works for us for now.  Camping is the best because there is no schedule to keep and the mountains are only 30 minutes away.  Wyoming is full of beautiful places to see and visit and the Black Hills are only about 5 hours away too.  This year we plan on getting out often to enjoy the great outdoors.  I know I'll be less stressed after the first trip and by the end of the summer I'll feel great(even if my birthday does sneak up then again).

Now go see Jen at Sprite's Keeper and find out other ways to deal with stress--I promise it won't stress you out.


  1. Actually, I think camping WOULD stress me out! I'm such a city girl.
    I totally hear you on the reading a good book. Leave the stress at the book cover or you'll mess up the pages. :-)
    You're linked!

  2. There's nothing like the great outdoors to make one less stressed. I really like the fact that I am less than a mile away from Lake Michigan and can go to the beach where it feels like being at the ocean since the lake is so large.

    Enjoy your summer stress reliever days!

  3. i drink wine to eliminate

  4. I love playing computer games to destress, too. And, like you, I don't really have the time for it anymore. These days, a good glass of wine fills in. :)

  5. I grew up in Washington State and LOVED camping every summer. I miss doing that! You're right - it is an excellent way to de-stress! :)

    I used to take a bubble bath on Sunday night whether I needed it or not - just to relax, drink a glass of wine, read a good book and get my mind ready for the week ahead. That habit went out the window when Princess Nagger was born - I might have to rejuvenate it - at least until I can convince the hubby that camping is fun! :)

  6. I settle in with yummy snacks & catch up on my shows or I surf the web, read blogs or my guilty pleasure :)


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