Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bruiser breaks a Family Record

It happened in a blink.  One minute I'm making myself lunch and the next I'm holding a screaming, bleeding little boy.  Bruiser was running into the living room and tripping over his own feet and crashed into a table corner.  He put a lovely dent in the right center of his forehead.
Off we went to the ER after a frantic call to Nick to come home and help.  Xrays and glue later, Bruiser has a set of steri strips on his forehead and I'm much more relieved. 
What a great way to spend a Friday afternoon.  And what a wonderful way to set off the guilt in the mommy part of me.  I know I couldn't have prevented it from happening (unless I wrapped the kid in bubble wrap--and don't think I haven't considered it).  But you feel so guilty when they get hurt.  He's so little.  Turbo got his first ER visit at almost three.  Bruiser did at 15 months.  Go Bruiser!


  1. awww poor baby, glad hes ok though

  2. Poor lil guy! Glad he is ok. Don't feel guilty, really there is nothing you could have done. Little ones sure keep us on our toes. They can be so fearless & wild can't they!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. I remember those days. Both my boys fell and split open some part of themselves when they were that age. My daughter didn't, hmm. Have your best weekend ever.

  4. Oh god, that is terrifying. So glad he's okay!

  5. Poor guy! We had a similar event here last night with my three year old. Luckily my emergency personnel lives in-house. ;) No ER visit necessary.

  6. Glad he's ok...did those ER visits when they were young and have still had them after they've hit their early twentites...a mother's job is never done! How do our hearts stand it?!

  7. I'm sure we'll break Baby at some point. We broke my nephew when he was 2. He too tripped on his feet, fell and split his cheek open on the doorjam at my parents'. Luckily it was something that could be fixed with steri strips and lots of hugs. The scar has faded and thankfully he still loves us. ;)


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