Friday, May 7, 2010

Spin Cycle--Mother's Day

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Jen at Sprite's Keeper has of course assigned Mother's Day as the topic of the Spin Cycle this week.  My thoughts sort of rambled on this one so bear with me.

Mother's day has evolved over time for me.  When I was little Mother's Day was about a card and spending time with my mom.  When I was away from home I prided myself on finding the perfect card to send my mom so she would know I was thinking about her.  Now I try to have something for her--a card and a small present (I mean the woman was pregnant in Florida in August with me, some thanks are in order).  Not that she needs anything but I want to show her that I appreciate all that she does for me (even if she drives me crazy sometimes).  I am also the one to remember to get a card for Nick's mom and make him think about what to get her.  Since Nick's mom's birthday is the 11 of May it often coincides with Mother's Day and we get to double up on the celebrations.

Now that I am a mom the day means so much more.  My first official Mother's Day was 2004.  Turbo was almost a year old and so cute.  I got a card and time to sleep while Nick took kid duty.  This year I am hoping for either a shirt that says Mom on it or the Alten Brown cook book The Early Years.  I would be happy with either.  I hope I get something, not to sound greedy or anything, but I want something.  I mean I try to remember to get Nick things for Father's Day (even though his birthday falls around then so he gets to double up too.) 

Mother's Day at the Testosterone House is a day when I get to revel in the fact that I am mom. This one I will be able to sleep in some(hey 8:00am is sleeping in for me), have breakfast made for me (Nick usually takes care of breakfast on the weekends--I don't do eggs and bacon and stuff), and then make dinner for the grandmothers and have everyone over here for fun and dinner. This year dinner will be leg of lamb done on the rotisserie, salad from my mom, cobbler from my mom and bread and potatoes from Nick's folks. We decided that parceling out the meal makes things easier on everyone.

I'm making a small stab at something like a poem--don't laugh, I'm not real good at this stuff.
M--Making good people out of these little kids
0--offering myself to them
T--teaching them how to grow
H--helping them with their Boo-boos
E--each one needing me
R--relief when I hear that they are good when I'm not there.

Being mom means so much--time of intense joy, fear, relief, guilt, dread, happiness, and sometimes disgust(even though I hate to say it--poop and puke are disgusting).  Mom gets to deal with it all--really who in their right mind would voluntarily sign up for this job--24/7 no vacations, no time off, no poor pay and little recognition.  We need and deserve a day for us.  After all, no one else would voluntarily take this on--especially knowing the cons.  However the pros are hard to define--the first smile, the first Mama word, tiny hugs, I wuv yous, and all the other little things that moms get daily that in some ways make up for the cons.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there.  Enjoy the day to the fullest.  I know I will.


  1. It doesn't sound awful, I hope I get something too. My hubby is one of those "never buys anything for me" kind of guys. Before kids (& before the crappy economy, when we had more money) he would just hand me some money & tell me to go get something. That was much easier back then. Oh well..... I'm sure my 4 year old will make me something wonderful & that in turn will make my 2 year old want to also. I'll love it! My 8 month old is about it say Mama... she has been saying da da for months now... I hope she says it on Sunday - that would be cool! Your poem was cute!
    Happy Mother's Day!!! :)

  2. Great Spin Cycle! Have a great Mothers' Day!

  3. Love this Spin! I am looking forward to next weekend and NOT COOKING!
    You're linked and Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Sweet post and cute poem. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  5. Have a beautiful Mother's Day sleeping in! And I hope you get at least one of your presents!


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