Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear Someone

Shortmama has her dear someone linky up.  Write those letters up and go link.

Dear Teeth,
Give us a break already.  First Papa, then Turbo, and now my mom.  Come on, we brush you and use you every day, you'd think that would be enough attention, but no, you want to see the dentist too.  I'm really hoping that you get over yourselves soon.

Not interested in hearing about the teeth.

Dear Bruiser,
This early rising thing has got to stop.  6:30 in the morning you need to be sleeping so mom can get that all important shower.  And Daddy needs his early morning beauty sleep or he is a bear to deal with.  So let's sleep in a bit more and not do the crying thing at 6:15 in the morning, hmmm-K?

Fastest showerer in the west (Mommy).

Dear Kitchen floor,

I hate you.  No matter what I do to you, you never come clean.  Just wanted to let you know your days are numbered (It's a big number, but a number none the less).  I can't wait to get a new floor to cover you up.

The endless scrubber.

Dear Mom Nature,
As one mother to another, I know we have our bad days.  I know.  But let's try to cheer up.  Thank you for the lovely snow this morning--it's bringing some much needed water, but could you maybe think about some warmer weather, you'd never know the calendar says May from looking out the window.  Happy Mother's Day and all.
The snowy one.

P.S.  The snow is more appreciated than the 50 mile an hour wind you sent us.  Thanks for that.


  1. You're still getting SNOW?! Okay, I will stop complaining about our early onset heat stroke over here!
    I hate my kitchen floor too...

  2. Ok I will trade your snow for our 30 mile an hour winds combined with near 100 degree temps!!

  3. Ugh, we had thunder and lightening with our wind last night. No fun.

    Does Turbo insist that you go get him as soon as he wakes up? Little o wakes up at the same time, but I have about 15 minutes before he fusses if I put a cuddle toy in his crib for him to play with.

  4. SNOW? Mother Nature really is needing to relinquish her post to someone more suited to the seasonal changes. Maybe she's going through menopause. ;)

  5. Kitchen floors are the worst that is for sure! My girls have been waking up early too... what is up with that, it isn't like we just had a time change or something. Grrrr!!!!

  6. I can't keep my kitchen floor clean, but that might have something to do with the slobs I live with (husband and son).

  7. I love that you're finding the humor there at the "end of the rope"!

  8. My little ones are early risers too. The catch is that they only rise early on the weekend. Monday to Friday they're slugabeds. Haven't quite figured out how to change that yet.


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