Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day recap

My mother's day was great.  For a change we had good weather--it was in the sixties and sunny most of the day.  I got to sleep in, and when I did get up there was a card waiting for me with a hint as to where I could find my gift.  It took me a  bit but I eventually found the beautiful necklace that Turbo picked out for me.  I got something that says mom on it and I love it.
Turbo also grew some marigolds at school and had them in a cute little pot.  Now I just have to keep them alive so I can plant them outside when I warms up some more here.  He also made me a card and a silhouette, which are both wonderful.
Later in the morning, we all got together and went to the walk path and went for a nice stroll to enjoy the great weather.  When we were done we got milkshakes and headed home.  I got to do a bit of garden work and then we got the leg of lamb on the rotisserie and I got a  nap. 
Around 4:30, the grandparents came over and we had a wonderful drawn out dinner and celebrated Nana's birthday too.  I got a surprise call from my brother, wishing me a happy Mother's Day and I got out of most of the dish duty (Nick and Turbo did the plates and silverware).  All in all, the day was a fabulous day.  Now I have to figure out how to make Father's Day good for Nick--the complication is that his birthday is the next day.  Gonna have to think about this one a bit.
And Bruiser is doing fine now, he has a lovely bruise on his forehead and the bandage from where the ER people glued him back together.  Let's hope he waits a while before he crashes that bad again.

And lastly a shot of the reasons why I get to have a Mother's Day at all:


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