Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RTT: The Dentist Edition

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OK, so this morning we sent Turbo with his grandparents to see the dentist.  He will come home four teeth lighter, and with spacers.  I think it will be safe to call him chipmunk cheeks.  Poor kid, I hope he will come through it without to much trauma.  Snuggling on the couch will be in order this afternoon.

Bruiser goes to the doctor this afternoon for his fifteen month check up.  Fifteen months--how did that happen?  He can't be fifteen months.  Where does the time go?  He is walking with a swagger, loves balls, and will follow simple directions.  He also is getting another tooth.  The top left canine.  Awesome.  He talks--sort of.  He says hi, up, yes, yeah, stinky, kitty, ex(for his brother), and knows exactly where the snacks are kept.  He has also discovered the joy of sleeping most of the night.  He is still nursing since he does not like whole milk, but will eat anything as long as he thinks we are eating it.  He is usually so happy.

And in other news, my mom is also getting a trip to the dentist.  She has an abscessed tooth and a cracked root.  We are financing a new summer home for the dentist, all by ourselves.  Great times around our place, I tell ya, great times.

Me--I'm still resisting the trip to get mine cleaned--I hate the grating and scraping on my teeth.  I build up lots of tartar and the time in the chair is just torture. 

And enough about teeth.  And I'm not talking about the psycho weather either, not until she takes her medication.  Mother's Day is this weekend and I'm hoping for something good.  I did win the solid shampoo giveaway that Kingsmom over at Servant to a King had.  Yea me!  I'm looking forward to trying the Lush shampoo she's sending me.  I've heard good things about it.

OK, so enough about me and the tooth troubles.  Go see Keely for other random.  You know you want to.


  1. Awesome, don't ya just love winning stuff?!

  2. I feel for your son and you (because you'll have to listen to the whining)!

    We just went through the same thing. My son just had 6 (baby) teeth pulled, then the spacers and a week later the braces. He was miserable for a month. We found that an antiseptic mouth wash, like Peroxydol, helped heal his mouth up the best. Good luck!

  3. Oh poor baby! Four teeth at once?! I hope he isn't in too much pain.

  4. Bruiser sounds like such a big boy!

  5. I hope things went smoothly for Turbo!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

    Sounds like you got a good eater with the little guy! Mine is a picky eater at 22mo. Best of luck with the dentist, I wish there were better insurance plans for that stuff. It gets pricey!!


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