Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Tuesday and some post-its.


So it's Tuesday again, it always comes right after Monday--funny how that happens.  Since it's Tuesday, you know it's time to clean out the random thoughts rattling around and put them out for everyone to see.  Grab to purple button and link up with Keely at the UnMom.

So, did you know that they glue kids back together in the ER now.  Bruiser crashed on Friday and after three hours in the ER, Xrays, and lots of time trying to amuse a fifteen month old they had us clean out the cut and then they glued Bruiser back together.  The new heath care--serve yourself sort of.  It was less traumatic for Bruiser for us to clean the cut but it was still odd that they had us clean it out.  Anycuts, Bruiser aka Crash is doing fine.  I'm sure he will be seeing the ER again, they kid has no fear and likes to climb on things.

I hate to comment on the weather but I think the seasons are really messed up.  We have snow here again.  Yes I said snow.  We could end up with as much as thirteen inches inches before it's all done this storm.  What gives?  Spring so says the calendar, but winter so says the window.  I'm about ready to give up on the whole spring thing.  My tulips will never get to bloom at this rate.  My lonely daffodil is going to give up and croak soon.  Come on summer--you have to be better than spring has been.

Man am I tired.  I hate it when I sleep at night and wake up in the morning as tired as when I went to sleep.  Makes sleeping seem like a pointless endeavor.  Bruiser being up with the sun doesn't help either.

I'm hoping to get some herbs planted for my kitchen window sill.  I want basil, spearmint, thyme and maybe oregano.  The basil grew well the last time I had window sill herbs and I really want the mint to grow--it goes great in couscous and in mojitos. 

And now for Post-it Note Tuesday with SupahMommy.


  1. ohhh. i have a few of those Fearless ones too. oneday one of them is going to send mestraight into a coronaryyy ;)

    psss... love the post its :D

  2. Okay - after reading your randomness for weeks now I finally joined in!

    Sorry to hear about Bruiser! That is really rough when they start at that age...I have a nephew who started young and...okay won't go on with one.

  3. Seriouly, the weather is killing me!

  4. Hi. Stopping by from Keely. I live in a sea of testosterone too. 3 boys and a hubby. At least the dogs are all girls (but the cat is a boy). Hope it warms up soon!

  5. Yes, I have one of those fearless boys. I'm sure he's going to give me a heart attack one of these days. Sigh.

    What's with the snow!? It is so hot down here it feels like August. Not cool, Mother Nature.

    Happy Tuesday.

  6. Nothing like fearless little boys. I do like the glue idea, though. Less of a scar. I wouldn't have wanted to clean it out, though. Did they check to make sure you did a good enough job? Did they lower the bill since you did half the work? That's ridiculous.

  7. What is up with the weather? No snow here obviously but the wind is making me nutso!

  8. Scooby's had his head glued together too. It's an interesting trick, but not so great on scars.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. :)

  9. We got snow last night too. My new plants are pissed.

  10. I have a fearless boy. Holy cow he keeps me on my toes!

    And I had one lonely daffodil and one lonely tulip bloom before we had a frost. So dumb.

  11. No kidding this weather is NUTS!!! I mean I live in Oregon so weather is usually rainy but it is getting mixed in with an absolute gorgeous sunny warm day, next day hail, then rain, then wind that blows so hard it creeps me out a little. Come on Summer, get here already!!!

  12. I hate the ER. My four year old has already had two ER visitis cause he's a fearless one too.

    Loved your global warming post it. LOL


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