Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday Randomness

Trying to get back in the swing of things.  After a holiday off it's hard to get back in the mode.  But here we are at Tuesday and time to random:
  • Just three short weeks until our Christmas vacation.  Two whole weeks off at home with the kids.  Not scary at all.  With luck there will be snow and we can go skiing or sledding.
  • We also have project boys bedroom shift that we are hoping to complete by New years.  For one boy at least, most probably both.  My crafty/scrapbook room may take a bit longer.
  • I discovered what I want for Christmas:
  • Hopefully we can get our Christmas tree this weekend. I did get the countdown calendar down yesterday morning.  The boys are quite excited about that.
  • In honor of the season:
  • If only it were that easy...
Have a great week.
Random it up with Stacy.

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  1. I am not keeping up with the house cleaning as well as I used to. I am actually consider hiring someone but I would always feel the need to pre-clean.


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