Thursday, December 4, 2014

Spin Cycle--Preparation

Preparation is the topic of the spin Cycle this week.  How do you prepare for things like tests, dinner, life?  I must say, I truly don't think I prepare as much as I should for things.  But I do prepare.
When we are having some one over to the house there are certain things that we do to prepare.  There is the planning of what to eat, prep work for that food, the cleaning of the house, then the actual prep work I need to do to be social. 
As an introvert, there is a preparation that needs to be done for me to be comfortable in a group.  A lot of it is mental.  It helps when the group is going to be good friends, but I still need time to prepare myself for having the public me on.
I never really realized that I was an introvert until I saw some posts about it on some blogs I follow. But once I looked into it, I found that the description of an introvert fit me perfectly.  What makes things interesting is that Nick is an extrovert. He thrives on interaction with people.  Me, not so much.  So that takes some preparation on my part for when we have to go do the public thing.

Once I found out about introverts, I realized that it explained so much about myself.  I not socially awkward, I'm just better at observing than participating in large groups. I find I do better throughout the day if I get my 15-20 minutes in the morning for myself.  I'm also better if I do the social thing in spurts, or set it up so I have recharge time.  Being on all the time is exhausting.
So, I really do prepare for times when I have to be social.  But I really enjoy getting together with the select few who I consider really good friends.  And once you make the cut to really good friend, I have a tendency to be able to talk and talk.  However, it's really only about three or four friends at a time. That really all I can handle.

What do you do for preparation?  Have certain rituals?  Or do you just wing it?


  1. It's funny; sometimes I am really gung-ho about getting ready for certain events but then other times, I just dread them. Usually when it comes to uncertain interactions. Like there's a woman my husband works with who has a Bunco night. I keep saying I will go but when it comes up, I am never ready. I need weeks to prepare to go out with semi-random people!

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I think my husband is more of an extrovert than I am. I'm more of a homebody!

  3. Your post just goes to prove opposites attract. In our household my husband is the introvert.

  4. I used to be quite introverted, only feeling comfortable with good friends and family. But, I have changed a lot over the years. I have become more comfortable within myself and therefor more comfortable with others, even strangers. Mind you, I still need me time! Without that I will get grumpy!!

  5. My hubby and I flip flop on who is the introvert. When it involves his work mates, I take a back seat in the room. When it involves my friends he tends to stay in the foreground. When it comes to family we both rule the room. Funny, huh?


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