Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Randoms

So here we are at Tuesday.  Have to admit that I'm feeling sort of out of sync.  It's better now that we have a Christmas tree up, but I still feel a bit off.  Oh, well, perhaps the holiday will help.  Now on to the randoms:
  • This coming weekend is the great bedroom shuffle.  As soon as we get the heater and furniture up to Turbo's new attic bedroom, Bruiser gets to move to Turbo's old room.  They are both pretty stoked about the whole thing.  I think we have a handle on Clothes storage for Turbo.  There will be some further work in Bruiser's new room.  We need to add some electrical outlets and then put up bead board and repaint. This will give the room a whole new look.  Hopefully we can have it done by the end of Christmas break.  Oh, so lucky Nick is so handy!
  • I get to tackle laundry this weekend.  Goody.  It will give me a chance to shift clothes around for the kiddos.
  • I think next year nick might need one of these:
  • We have yet to watch A Christmas Story.  It might be on the agenda for this weekend, or early next week. Nick loves that movie, it's his favorite Christmas movie.
  • I still have to have a major wrapping party.  Not sure if the boys are nervous or not.  We don't have very many presents under the tree presently.  I really need to get on that one...
So, I hope everyone has a productive week and you get all you need to get done, done!

Random it up with Stacy.

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  1. Ok, I need to get me a beer advent calendar!!


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