Monday, December 15, 2014

Back to Normal?

OK, so we might be back to normal operations at our house.  Last week was the weirdest week ever.  Kind of sick kids.  Sort of sick hubby.  Feeling better and then down again. I managed two days in the office.  Craziness.  But, everyone is where they are supposed to be this morning.  Now to see if it lasts.
On the up side we were able to go get our Christmas tree on Saturday.
Nick was finally able to fill a permit.  Yes, we went and got a wild Christmas tree.  THen we brought it home and decorated it.

All in all, It was a pretty great weekend.  It snowed on Sunday so after a trip to the grocery store we spent the rest of the day being lazy. Since next weekend promises to be busy, we are planning to move boys to new bedrooms, and Christmas is coming (ack!!!), it was nice to have this weekend be pretty quite.

And now on to MMMM.  Christmas themed of course.
Elvis Presley and Martina McBride with Blue Christmas:

Bing Crosby with White Christmas:
Martina McBride with Silver Bells:
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Your tree looks great! Getting a real wild tree wasn't a tradition I grew up with, but I always think it looks like so much fun.

    It seems I'm working in reverse - this past weekend was crazy busy, and next weekend appears to be quiet. I'm kind of looking forward to it - the calm before the Festive storm, so to speak. ;)

  2. Glad to hear everyone's recovered! And pretty tree too!

    Love the music. I always like hearing classic songs here and then. But I like Silver Bells the most, out of the three. So....pretty....

  3. That's great news everyone is bounding back from being sick. I hope y'all don't have any repeat episodes with Christmas only days away. Your tree is beautiful. I bet it smells so good. I love the scent of fresh cut evergreen, but my allergies go nuts. :( Your Christmas music selections are fabulous classic of the season and I loved listening to them this morning! Keep that jing-jing-jingling Christmas spirit going!

  4. Bing Crosby...just makes Christmas for me!!! Thank you!

  5. aw what a wonderful tree you have. I miss cutting down my own christmas tree.

  6. Glad everyone is feeling better - especially when it's the kind of yucks that come, leave and come back. We've been dealing with that nonsense here, too. LOVE your Christmas tree! So cool and pretty! :) And love your music choices, too. :) Thanks for the dance!

    The Christmas Song isn’t Red Solo Cup – Santa Tell Me because Baby It’s Cold Outside!


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