Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday five--Confessionish

And there's only three weeks til Christmas.  Nervous yet? Or as Turbo put it this morning-20 days.  Tick tick tick...time is rushing away.  So let's get on to the Friday 5.  This week it's a bit more confession like than random.
  1. I haven't vacuumed for over a week.  The dust dinos are charging across the floor with alarming regularity. Going to have to find my inner domestic goddess to remedy the problem.
  2. It's also laundry weekend.  The mountain of laundry must be conquered.  I have to start with towels. They are kind of left over from last laundry weekend...
  3. We are going to get our Christmas tree this weekend.  Time to throw some Christmas around the house. I think I might have to spend Saturday tidying and putting stuff away.  THings are getting cluttered.  
  4. I wish it would snow.  Like lots of snow.  Maybe not Buffalo amounts of snow, but snow.  It would help me feel Christmasy. For now, we are watching Christmas movies and mostly just letting that feed the Christmas feeling.
  5. We have been trying to get Christmas ideas from the boys though.  Not having tons of success with Turbo.  He wants a PS4 and the Lego Star Wars AT-AT. That's it.  Not so helpful there. Bruiser has ideas, but still not a ton of variety there. We'll think of something. I have a few things figured out for Nick, but not much.  Of course he doesn't have a ton of ideas for me either. Sigh, this is the more stressful side of Christmas for us.  Giving ideas for gifts.  Such problems to have...
So here are some Christmases of yesteryear for us:
Getting the tree Turbo's first year, 2003

Christmas 2005 in Vermont.

Getting the bounty, Christmas 2006

Tree hunting, gotta build a snowman, 2007

Monster snowshoes, tree hunting 2008.
Go join the lovely Emmy Mom for more Friday 5.


  1. We always chopped down a tree growing up, I kinda f miss it, but I do also love being able to set my tree up really early and not worry about all the lost needles.

    Laundry... yeah I had better do it soon too or we will run out of clothes to wear. Two weeks of company totally throws everything off.

    And yeah you totally made me freak out with how quickly Christmas is coming!

    Thanks for always linking up

  2. I'm woefully behind on laundry and vacuuming as well but we have zero plans this weekend so I plan to catch up!

  3. The shopping and gift ideas part is definitely the most stressful for me - I love giving gifts, but I just don't always have the best ideas and I struggle with that part of it. Otherwise - bring on the Eggnog & Elf!! ;)

  4. I love how you did photos of past Christmas's, just adorable.

  5. I can't believe how quickly Christmas is going to be here! I'm not ready!


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