Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thinking Random Thoughts

So it Tuesday.  One day closer to the weekend.  It can't come soon enough.  Is that a bad way to spend a week?  Longing for the weekends that go by too fast?
Well anyway, on to the random:

  • Sixteen Candles really is a good movie.  
  • We have been thinking about changing Turbo's room up a bit.  We are taking suggestions form Turbo, who really wants more shelves. That could be a bit of trouble.  He also wants to get rid of his loft bed.  I would prefer he keep it and we rearrange some so his room feels different. We will see what happens with the redo. 
  • I hate the never ending household chores.  I get them done and turn around to find they need doing again.  It stinks.
  • Bruiser is still not poop trained. It's sad.  I'm sad about it.  I really wish he would learn already.  I think poop boot camp is in his future.
  • I think the boys toys mate in the dark.  I swear there are more in the morning than there were the night before.  They scatter everywhere.  And I'm the one who picks them up.  On occasion I can get Bruiser to help, but mostly he's an obstinate three year old and won't.
  • We had frost again this morning.  Definitely fall here.  There are trees turning yellow in town.  The trees left in the mountains are already turned and losing leaves.  The s word is not far away in these parts. Nick has a bet running with friends about when the first snow will fall.  I know it will happen before Halloween.
To be nine again.
 So what's your random this week?  Link it up with Stacy--she who is wearing the random crown these days.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. Frost?!? I am pretty jealous because I am feeling Fall but here, it was pouring rain and then we lost power all across campus for 30 minutes. I'm coming to your place. ;)

  2. I changed up little man's room about year ago we went from spider man to music it' pretty awesome and wow frost already not sure i would like that. hope the potty training gets easier soon.

    Come Say HI

  3. Snow before Halloween... we will be lucky if we get any, not that I'm ready for winter just yet.

  4. Wow we still have our AC on. Post pics of Turbo's room if you want suggestions. I'm always good for an opinion. I have never seen sixteen candles...

  5. I have never seen Sixteen Candles...how sad is that?!

    We had our first frost on the weekend. It's a little early for here, but I don't think we'll get snow for awhile yet! Still, we've had it before Halloween in the past, so I wouldn't bet against it...

    Hang in there with the potty issues. He will get it!!

  6. We actually had a cool breeze last night which was a welcome change from the mid 90's, but the afternoons are still boiling hot.

  7. Poop boot camp sounds tough!! Good luck!

  8. You and your potty training woes, you poor thing. And I agree that toys are "active" during the night, crazy huh?

  9. I loved 16 candles!!!

    ALL toys mate in the night...mostly Legos and Cars!

    I hate chores too. Laundry and dishes are the worst ones.

    Nine or Ten is a good age.

  10. Poop training made me get lots of gray hairs and have frequent melt-downs. It finally clicked one day and we never had another poopy mess. It will happen. Try to be patient...even thought I wasn't. Lord I hope this unborn son of mine is a quick learner!!!!!

    Thanks for linking up Miss Vandy!!

  11. So jealous of your frost! I can't wait for Fall!

  12. I'm just waiting for my boys to decide that they want to redo their room...


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