Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spin Cycle--Edumicate Me

The Spin cycle this week is all about education.  Now this topic could be interesting.  Education is debated everywhere, it has even come up in this political world we live in.  I'm not really going to go into that.
What I will talk about is the sometimes unconventional places education can come from.

Last night Turbo was oh so very frustrated with us because we wouldn't let him go play Minecraft with his friends.  In a sullen huff, he headed downstairs and turned on the TV.  As he was going to try to find a movie, some episodes of Mysteries at the Museum caught his attention.  He spent the rest of the evening watching this entertaining (and educational) show. 
While watching it he had questions for Nick.  I had gone out with a friend and when I got home Nick was upstairs getting sugar and a plate.  He used it to illustrate the solar system and the universe to Turbo.  We ended up having a pretty good discussion about space, the universe, the possibility of alien life, and how much we don't know about the world around us.
Education comes from the most interesting places sometimes.  Nick and I argue with the geology shows that run on the History Channel, Discovery and other more learning type channels.  We are avid Mythbusters watchers--for the entertainment and the science.  Anything that sparks the interest in Turbo is a good thing. 
Heck, the nature shows we watch have lead to the sex talk at our house more than once.  We go for educational TV over network TV anytime we can.
What ever we can do to motivate these boys we will do.

Where does your more unconventional learning come from?  What have you learned that didn't come from a book or school?  Spin it up and link with Gretchen, she of the Spin Cycle overseeing.
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  1. science and math hurt my brain though! lol

  2. You just inspired me to record the next Mysteries of the Museum for Jude! I think you're right. Jude knows a ridiculous amount of science from obsessively watching The Magic School Bus! You never know what will spark their interest!

    You are linked!

  3. TV can make a great learning tool. Did you know that the first educational channel started at the University of Houston? We were the first ones to use that new fangled television to teach college courses to working students in 1953.

  4. little man loves the discovery channel and he adores myth busters

  5. What is it with Minecraft?! Our LB is addicted to that game! I suppose it's better than many others... :(

  6. I love the education my grandparents gave me when they would tell stories about their lives growing up and I love the education my children received hearing stories from my parents. Nature is another big educator in life.. Great post. I'm dvr-ing "Great American Treasures." I love that people just have pieces of history sitting around their homes, "collecting dust.."

  7. My girls often recite animal facts to their Dad...they learn them from watching Wild Kratts. They sometimes teach me a thing or two!

  8. I love your blog, Vandy :) We've gotten rid of cable, but have still found many educational shows on Netflix. My kids eat that stuff up! They are also suckers for cooking shows, with my daughter (being older) writing down recipes and my son (being younger) drawing pictures of what they're doing. I love it! I love that you encourage such fun learning opportunities in your boys!

  9. Oh goodness. "Unidad" is my hubby, I'm Theresa :)

  10. My son aced his recent geography test because of the Phineas and Ferb episode where they travel around the world in a day. Seriously, he spotted Africa without having to review all because or P&F!

  11. In our house, Turbo would probably run away. I try to turn everything into a teaching tool and even Sprite will tell me to knock it off. :-)

  12. You two sound like wonderful parents. My kids used to ask me so many questions where I'd have to say I don't know. You live in a great area to show them so much too.


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