Monday, September 17, 2012

Was That the Weekend?

It's Monday again.  I really could have used another Sunday.  This last weekend was at times fun, but at other times less than fun.
The fun parts were Friday night with pizza and beer over at our friends house.  Turbo spent the night there and Nick made plans to go hunting the next morning. Since Nick went hunting and I had to go get Turbo, we headed over there for breakfast.  When we left, we went and rented some movies and video games.
We lazed around the rest of the day--although I did get the kitchen floor swept and mopped and the rugs from the bathrooms washed.  The bathroom floor got mopped too.  Nick got home late in the afternoon, but he had a great time.
Sunday was grocery day.  It was also run random errand day, brew day for Nick, and cleaning day for me.  I cleaned the upstairs bathroom, got the hand me down clothes sorted and put away nicely in Bruiser's room as well as getting all the 3T clothes moved out and the 4T clothes moved in.  The kid is growing faster than I really want him to.
I did take a nap Sunday afternoon and it was wonderful.
Now for the not so fun things.  Turbo caught a mild cold--fever, stuffy nose, headache, general not feeling goodness--and was mostly a lump on the couch Saturday night.  He was feeling better Sunday night and is headed to school today--but if he starts feeling yucky again, I'll go get him.
The other not so good moment was when the crankies swept through the house.  I got annoyed at Nick when he couldn't wait five minutes for dinner to finish cooling to eat--no, he had to snack.   As a result of my getting cranky about this, he got cranky and we both got a bit snappy with the boys.  Granted, the boys really know how to push each other's and our buttons, so things were less than fun for a bit, but we got over it.
So how was your weekend?  Good, bad, boring, too exciting?  Do tell.


  1. You got more accomplished this weekend than I...
    Trip and I have both had a flu-like virus. I ma feeling much better today, though.

    I watched college football Saturday and played on my iPad. I also had to help my daughter study.

  2. wow you got a lot done this weekend and yea hubby does the same snacks five minutes before dinner it's annoying really

    Come Say HI

  3. our weekend went by entirely too quickly! I'm all to familiar with those errand days...Saturday was like that for me. By the end of the day, I'm about ready to collapse!

  4. I took no naps and that kind of sucks. :(

  5. I used to drive my mom nuts begging for snacks before dinner time... As an adult now, I can see how it's a bit of a piss-off (my niece and nephew do it all the time - either right before meal time, or right after!)

    I enjoyed a nice nap yesterday too. It was a good weekend!

  6. What did I do this weekend? I may have done a couple loads of laundry. I went to church. And made sure people were fed and clean. It was too hot to do much else. :)


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