Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Turbo's Room

So yesterday I mentioned we are thinking about doing something in Turbo's room.  He's nine and a soon to be tween.  And the neighborhood boys tend to gather at our house--they all come looking for Turbo eventually.  Nick thinks it might be nice of he had a room that was a bit more guest friendly.
We asked Turbo what he might want to have in his room.  More shelves and wall space were his first responses.  We then told him to think about it and we'd talk about it more later.
Right now his room is sort of a mash up.  When he was little we went with a Goodnight Moon theme--green walls, pictures of the three bears and the cow jumping over the moon, wall clock, it was cute.
Turbo still loves his dark green walls.  So that's not changing.  Most of the pictures have given way to posters of comic superheros and cars. The girls haven't hit the walls--yet.
The window seat in Turbo's room. The staging area for the legos.

The shelves he has.  He'd like more.

His loft bed.  He needs a light for under it, but he likes it.
After thinking about it, he has decided to keep his loft bed for now.  He'd like to put it in a dfferent spot and move some other stuff around in his room. We are going to see what we can come up with that will be a bit more pleasing for him to hang out in with his friends.
We are going to rearrange the furniture in his room and I think he needs a new dresser.  He wants to have space to display the legos creations he wants to keep nice and a place to play with friends.  I think eventually he will end up with a bunk bed with a futon on the bottom.  We need to fix the electrical wiring in his room--give him a couple more outlets.  The joy of living in an old house.  He also needs a new rug for the floor--one of his choosing.  He needs a cool CD tower because he has the Magic Treehouse books on CD that he enjoys listening to when he's playing with his legos.
Really, he doesn't need a whole lot of decorating done, more just a redo with what he has. We are also thinking about building a fold down table--if it will fit--that he can sit at with friends and build his legos.
We are also open to ideas.  We do decorating on a very basic level.  If anyone has a great Lego theme that can go for an older kid, I'm all for it.


  1. I love that loft bed - I wish I had one! lol!
    Looks like a pretty cool room for a kid - and sounds like his ideas for a redo are pretty reasonable! Bonus!!

  2. Can you use 1x4s or 1x6s and L brackets and put shelves up around the top of the room for more shelving for cheap?

  3. i remember when my parents let me "design" my new teen room..ahh it was tight! all my walls were different colors lol. So neat that yall are letting him do what he wants to do! you'll HAVE to post after pics, of course.

    have a good week, Vandy!

  4. what a cool room and love the bed

  5. I would also go with floating shelves that way he can display his lego and use it for other things like his books etc


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