Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Friday! Woo Hoo!

I made it through another week. The sicks have been running through the house.  Turbo had the flu, Bruiser has it right now and Nick keeps feeling tickles in his throat.  I'm hoping that I dodge the bullet.  Anyway, it's Friday so that means it time to confess.

  • I'm almost happy to be running again.  
  • Almost.
  • At least my foot doesn't hurt anymore.
  • We went to Turbo's open house at school.
  • His teacher really has his number.
  • He's doing well.
  • I am so relieved.
  • He's also doing well at his swimming lessons.
  • I'm going back to a menu next week.
  • I'm picking one of the emealz menus.
  • Nick liked them and they gave us a guideline and something kinda different.
  • I am disappointed.
  • My friend from college couldn't make it up to see us.
  • This weekend will be about laundry and kitchen finishing.
  • It would have been more fun to have her come visit.
  • Some of the shine has come off doing the dishes in the new kitchen.
  • The sink is still awesome.
  • Dishes aren't.
  • Insomnia must be the loneliest thing in the world.
  • It wants my company way to often.
  • At 2:30am.
  • Makes for long nights, or short ones, depending on your point of view.
  • Bruiser is sick.  
  • Fever, coughing, stuffy nose, mommy needing sick.
  • I get an unexpected Friday off.
  • Not what I wanted, but I'll go with it and snuggle with my boy today. 
So what do you have to confess this Friday?  Audrey of High Heeled Love is hosting for Mamarazzi while she take a bit of a break.  So link up there.


  1. So glad that Turbo is doing so well, and I hope Bruiser feels better soon.

    Hope the weekend isn't all about cleaning, and that you get some fun time in there too.

    Thanks for linking up. Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. Good job on the running, I really need to get my butt in gear. I'm glad your kiddo is doing well too!

  3. Hope everyone's feeling better soon! Enjoy your snuggles - as I recall, with little boys, they don't come around so often. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. This sounds awful but I hate the opposite of insomnia: I want to fall asleep at 8 PM every night and it's bothersome only because I have a lot to do.

    Sleeping pills?

  5. So sorry about the sick. Ugh. BE WELL. AND sorry about the insomnia. Hate that so much. Ugh again.

  6. Hope Bruiser is feeling better and running isn't something I enjoy but walking or biking now that i love

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