Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Randomish Tuesday

OK, so after the long weekend, as promised, I plan on giving a run down of the kitchen redo.  There will be random things--probably at the end.  First I get to gush about the kitchen.

  • So to start, when we moved into this house, the kitchen was seriously lacking.  In counter space, cabinet space, refrigerator and stove.  Oh, there was a fridge and stove, but they were, well, old.  As time passed, we replaced them, but still had to deal with a lack of counter space.
  • We got pieces of old bowling alley and changed out the counters by the sink, Nick built cabinets for by the stove, where there hadn't been any, and we made do with the prefab corner cabinet/counter thing that was what was pretending to be counter space when we moved in.
  • Then Nick came up with the wonderful idea of getting new cabinets and creating a peninsula.  It gave us counter space and more cabinets.  And Nick poured a concrete counter top over it.  See:

  • That helped with some of our counter space issues, well a lot of our counter space issues.  What we didn't get to (because of lack of fundage) was the sink side of the kitchen, which still had the original 1927 cabinets in it.  Here is a picture, admittedly after we took off the cabinet doors:

  • We got the means to finally redo the sink side and the remodel commenced. Here you can see the process.  My husband rocks!
Before lathe and plaster removal.

after lathe and plaster removal.

Yay insulatiuon!


Working on getting cabinets in.

  • And now for the final product:

The beautiful pantry cabinets.

  • So, in other random thoughts, Turbo starts school this morning.  He looked so cute.

  • Little boys rough house way too much.  They also talk to much about poop.
  • I'm pretty much over the political ads.  Too bad we have another two months of them.
  • It truly does feel all fall outside today.  It will be hot this afternoon, but this morning it was a cool 41 degrees.  The trees will be changing soon, and the first frost is not far away. Yep, definitely fall.
So what's your random today?  Go see Stacy and share that random.
Also, time to link up with Shawn and Impulsive for Talk To Us Tuesday.
Seriously Shawn


  1. 41?!? I am so jealous! It was high 60s here today and I was damn glad, though it'll be 86 before the end of the day.

  2. You're kitchen looks awesome! You finally have a real kitchen, no more weird white cabinets. Love it! My how far that little house on the corner has come since we met all those years ago... Great job guys! I'm a little jealous.

  3. The kitchen looks fantastic! What a great job. :D
    I'm sure you're going to enjoy it more, especially with the increased counter space and pretty shelves.

    And I agree about the political ads. I don't have TV, so I only listen to them on the radio, and I'm already sick of them!

  4. It looks awesome!!!
    I love the back splash you put up!
    Political ads are sucky and they're just gonna get worse!

  5. Oh, the kitchen looks AWESOME! You must be so thrilled!! Love it. You're probably going to want to spend lots of time in there now - for a while, anyways! ;)

    As the auntie to a 6-year-old boy...I hear ya on the poop talk! lol!

  6. Bowling alley floor for a counter top? You are brilliant. You won't know what to do with all the space. It looks great.

    Fall weather...I dream of it.

  7. I. Am. In. Awe. LOVE your 'new' kitchen! And I love that your hubby not only poured concrete counter-tops in the first part, but that you guys got bowling alley floor pieces for the rest! Genius!! :) Now, does your hubby hire out? ;)

    Awwww! Look at Turbo looking all cute and adorable on his first day of school! And yes, boys do rough house too much and talk about poop too much. And just talk too much. ;) Little Dude talks All. The. Time. just to hear himself - even when he's supposed to be sleeping. :)

    Please oh please send us some of your cool weather, willya? :)

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  8. Yay for new kitchens!!! I love the old bowling alley part that is just so COOL

  9. wow you new kitchen looks amazing bet you love having your sink back and Turbo is so handsome hope he had a great day

  10. Wow, the kitchen looks great! And yay for Turbo! Have a great year!


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