Monday, September 10, 2012

No, I'm Not Ready for Monday

It can't be Monday already.  Where did the weekend go?  I guess we had too much fun because time flew by.
Friday night we hung out at home, Cooked chicken on the grill and Nick did go hang out with a friend of his. It was fairly mellow and a great start to the weekend.
Saturday dawned bright and early, too early for my comfort.  Bruiser was up and at 'em at 6:30am.  All I wanted was more sleep.  It was not to be.  After getting the boys something resembling breakfast, I took Bruiser grocery shopping and then swimming.  Nick took Turbo to the mountains to go four wheeling.   They bumbled down some dirt roads and checked out the burn area and a mountain lake.  They had a good time.
When they got back, we started planning for the afternoon barbecue we were having.  We had a couple of families over and grilled chicken, bunches of chicken.  It was a wonderful evening.
Sunday had a later start--which was nice.  We spent the day getting trim cut, primed and painted and then put up in the kitchen. The trim looks really good.
Painting away in the garage.

 Bruiser painted too and he does a fairly good job painting for a three year old. We had dinner with Nick's folks and then I went and had a drink with some friends of mine.
Really we did a lot but it was all fun.  Therefore the reason the weekend flew by.  I'm so not ready for Monday.
In other news, I started running the beginning of July and started to reduce the amount of random snacking I was doing.  In the last two months I have lost 8 lbs.  I'd like to lose 8-10 more, but I'm happy with what I've lost so far.  So win for me.
How was your weekend?  Too short, too long or just right?  For me, definitely too short.


  1. My weekend was way too short. :-)
    But yours sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Weekends are always too short!

    Well done on the running and the snacking!

  3. Too short as always.
    Congrats on the continuing to run thing. I stopped while on vacation and just haven't gotten started back up. Of course, it is hotter than blazes here even in the mornings. Maybe I'll start back up when it cool off some.

  4. Too short and the kids are always up way to early! :(

  5. This weekend was definitely too short...And despite the fun activities, it almost didn't even feel like I had a weekend. I guess that's because I had to work yesterday. Friday can't get here soon enough...
    Glad you had a great one!!

  6. Good job on the 8 pounds! I'm running like a fiend and still not losing so I don't know what's up with that. Happy Monday.

  7. Love the painting! An artist in the making...

    Woot woot on 8 pounds!

  8. why is Monday so long and weekends so short that's my question


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