Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Room Redo, Sort Of

Turbo got his redo on his room, only it's not totally done yet.  We still need to get him new curtains, and paint his dresser, but we got everything rearranged.
His bed is in the corner his shelves were.

His dresser and coat rack are on the wall his bed used to be on.

His shelves are where his dresser used to be.

He absolutely loves it.  He has space enough on the floor to have a futon mattress for a friend to sleep over on.  he has space to hang out.  he still needs a light under the bed so he can use his desk, but that is on the list after Nick fixes the electrical in his room.  Old houses are so fun, plugs are few and far between.

Of course we couldn't forget Bruiser, so his room got a minor redo.  His bed got moved and a couple of the bins got put elsewhere to give him a bit more space.  His room still needs a window, but since that requires a large hole to be cut in the foundation so an egress window can be installed, he has to wait until next summer.
Turbo's room took half a day to get all rearranged.  Bruiser's room took ten minutes, but he feels like he got something anyway.


  1. Looks great! Your boys must be happy, I used to love when my mom let me change my room around! :)

  2. looks good and love that Bruiser wanted to be like big brother and have his room redone how cute
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