Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Random Thoughts

So it's Tuesday again.  Sort of a blah day.  Nick is headed out of town for some field work, I get kid duty and the week rolls on.  Let's get to the random:
  • September 11.  The day everyone remembers exactly where they were when they heard about the Towers.  May we never forget.
  • Bruiser is driving us nuts.  We tell him no for any reason and he bursts into tears and throws a fit.  You gotta love three year olds because otherwise you'd sell them to the first bidder.
  • My right foot has started hurting.  Right in front of the heel on the bottom, sort of.  I know it's not plantar fascitis.  This gets worse the more I walk. Stupid foot.
  • I get to go get my cut and permed tomorrow.  It is so time--it's getting to that annoying stage.  However, tomorrow, just because I am going to get something done to it, it will look awesome.
  • Turbo starts swimming lessons tonight again.  He's excited.  The kid loves swimming.  I foresee swim meets in our future.  Not a bad way to spend time--if you don't mind the smell of chlorine.
  • We ordered the rest of the backsplash for the kitchen.  Once that's up we can call the kitchen mostly done. I need to fill the nail holes in the trim, we need to reset the sink and caulk everything, and there is a cabinet that needs to be finished, but it will be 90% done once the backsplash is up.  I'm so thrilled to have a kitchen where everything has a place and it's not on the counter.
  • I'm going to be bugging my mom for crocheting lessons and patterns soon.  I need something to do with my hands this winter while we watch TV in the evenings.  If I crochet, I'll at least have something to show for it--and I won't end up snacking or tying knots in my hair.  As an added bonus, my mom will be thrilled that I'm doing something needle crafty, which is her passion.
  • I need to get a good travel mug for this winter--my office will be moving to a new building--a brand new building and for a while there, making hot water for tea in my office will be unfeasible, as my office will be packed up and moved.  
  • Nick really wants to see the new show Revolution on NBC.  I'm looking forward to Big Bang Theory, but the rest of it, eh, not so interested in network TV.  
So what's your random?  Write it up and link up with Stacy, she of the random linky.
And go see Shawn and Impulsive for TAlk to Us Tuesday--they are both talking today.
Seriously Shawn


  1. I will never forget. As for a travel Mug I found one at costco lasts month by contigo? (I think)

  2. LOL @ selling children to the first bidder: exactly! My 5 year old's the one giving us fits right now. He's been REALLY awful but then REALLY good the next day. Get it together, boy! Happy Tuesday.

  3. I soon as I read that your heel hurt, I was going to say it's plantar fascitis! Guess I'm wrong. lol When I asked my doctor about my heel pain, that's what he diagnosed me with. But you're right, it's never got worse, it's the same pain all the time, so if yours gets worse, then it must be something different. Hope it feels better soon!

    I LOVE the smell of chlorine!

    I want to learn how to crochet. My mom keeps promising me lessons, so hopefully I can get cracking on it soon!

  4. Get your foot looked at. Foot problems are just as bad as back problems. You may have injured it running, or you might have something more serious. Hopefully, it is just bruised...which hurts really bad. Always get good shoes every 500 miles of running and walking. Replace as needed. Take care of yourself!

  5. Emma loves the water too. She will swim in water that will give you chills just sticking your foot in. She's crazy like that. I swear she used to be a fish or something.

    I hope your foot gets better. That doesn't sound good at all.

    You reminded me to make a hair appointment. Mine is getting out of control.

    Thanks for linking up (as always). LOOK WHO'S COMMENTING??!!! MEEE!!!

  6. I would love to learn to knit! Bucklet list... Three years are a walking train wreck. I know because I have one!

  7. I got a sneak peek of Revolution on my On Demand. It's awesome! I think some parts are pretty cheesy, and the girl sort of bugs me. Does she really need to show off her bare hips and naval, and constantly stare into the camera with a model-esque expression? But overall I think it has a lot of potential.
    I can't wait for Big Bang. Such a funny show!

  8. I'm trying to get Cat into swimming as well. Our local pool closed down and so finding a new pool is proving harder than expected.

  9. The Big Bang Theory is on my Netflix queue...I'll be having a marathon when I finally get to it!

  10. I love the Big Bang Theory, now that show could be on 24/7 and I would tune into network tv. :-)

  11. Oh, 3 year olds, when I worked in child care, I would take any room but the 3 year old room! Way more terrible than 2's!


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