Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why is it...

Why is it:

  • your hair always looks awesome the day you are headed to get it cut?
  • the pain always goes away once you make the appointment with the doctor?
  • you only want the snack when you know you shouldn't have it?
  • kids insist they are NOT TIRED?
  • weekends go by so fast but Monday crawls?
  • the food on the TV looks so awesome, but on the plate looks less so?
  • 80s fashions are coming back?
  • at 2:00pm I can be so tired I could sleep standing up, but at 2:00am I am wide awake?
  • supportive shoes are not cute shoes?
  • exercising is mostly not fun?
Do you have any why questions?
And just for the cuteness
We really do love the new kitchen.


  1. I would love to find the answer to the one about sleep... I was so zonked yesterday afternoon, but when I hit the pillow, COULD NOT SLEEP. So annoying. :( And it's true - once you make the appointment with the doctor, the problem goes away. Happened to me with that little lump on my neck!

  2. Life's great mysteries! I gave up on finding cute and supportive shoes after years of searching. But the rest, I suspect, are designed to make us not take ourselves too seriously. ;)

  3. Why ARE 80s fashions coming back? My neighbor kid who is 15 or so was wear neon high top shoes the other day. I used to wear things like that all the time! It's crazy!

  4. No, I want the snack all the time. LOL

  5. Hopefully, the 80s big hair styles won't come back. That was just horrific!

  6. Good to know the 80's are coming back.. Looks like I have some unpacking to do! And I'm with you on being wide awake at 2am! Its really starting to get annoying!! - My biggest why is why do I have to show up on time to my dr. appts. and then wait for a half hour???

  7. I have asked all those questions, cept for the shoe one but it's true


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