Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WWTK--Take Two Aleve and Call Me Later

Time for We Want to Know Wednesday.  Crazymama is asking the questions--after a rough patch for her she wants to know:
1. If you are sick in bed how do you entertain yourself? TV, books, sleep?  I tend to watch TV until I get tired enough to sleep.  Home improvement shows are comfort watching for me.  Have been since my hospital stay due to the kidney stones from hell.
2. Do you share your medical drama with the world or keep it to yourself?  It depends on the medical drama--if it's major enough I'll share--re. the kidney stones from hell.  If it's minor--a cold or aches and pains, I play it down some.  I do share the fact that I have a migraine with the fam.  They deserve to know why mom is a cranky bear.
3. Do you pray, send healing thoughts and hugs or good vibes to friends when they are ill or sad?  I lean more toward the good vibes and good thoughts.  Not so much with the praying anymore.
4. If someone offers to bring in dinner to you or your family, do you let them?  When I had Bruiser the neighbor lady (who has since gone off the deep end) brought us a few dinners, but the offer doesn't happen that often--although Nick's parents did grocery shop for us during the kidney stones from hell episode.
5. If you could ask for any meal or treat when you were sick/sad/healing, what would it be? Depends on the sickness.  Mostly I am not hungry when I'm sick--saltines and seven up.  Not a huge fan of soup so I shy away from chicken noodle soup.  I really go for what ever sounds appealing and that varies.

So what do you do when you don't feel good?  Answer the questions and link up with Mamarazzi and Crazymama.


  1. I would totes be the neighbor lady who would bring you food and most likely I won't go off the deep end! I have linked up this week! Hope you will stop by!

  2. NOoooooooooooooooo, kidney stones are the WORST, had them with all three of my pregnancies. Horrible little buggers!!!!

  3. I really hate being stuck in bed when I don't feel well but anything on HGTV is definitely comforting.

  4. Ugh, you sound like me. When I'm sick I just want to be left alone'

  5. Kidney stones suck. They definitely deserve some help.

    I like home improvement shows too.

    Thanks for linking up.

  6. I'm the only one who actually likes soup in our house so chicken noodle soup doesn't happen.

  7. HGTV usually does the trick for me too! Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you'll come back again sometime. Susan @ The Secret to Having It All


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