Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Random Time

Time to random things up.  Tuesday comes once a week.  Today's the day, so lets got at this.

  • There are certain questions I dread hearing from the boys.  What can I have for breakfast?  Can I have a snack?  What's for dinner?  Can I go outside?  Can I have a friend over?  Can I go play with my friend?  (OK, so the last one isn't so bad, it's just the timing usually).  It's not the questions so much as the fact that they ask at the worst times.  And that They often whine in response to my answers.
  • We have had some potty success.  Bruiser has issues with pooping, but he is going pee, with prompting.  I'm going with it and it's kind a nice.
  • We are getting excited to go on vacation.  Things are going to be quiet around here next week, but there will be lots of pictures and posts after we get back.
  • We have officially Olympiced ourselves out.  Of course the events we watch are mostly over now.  We aren't much for track and field.
  • Laundry starts tomorrow.  I still need to vacuum.  We plan to leave the house as clean as we can so we come home to something clean.  We're going to try anyway.
  • When we get back we have to take Turbo to get hermit crabs.  He's kept his room clean and not complained about cleaning it when we told him to pick up.  He did this in the hope that he would get a pet of his own.  Since I'm not doing a bearded dragon, or a chameleon, hermit crabs it will be. He pretty excited about having them.
  • Nick gets the lovely treat of going to the field the Monday after we get back from our trip.  Lucky him.  And lucky me getting to manage the boys on my own for three days.  It could be worse--work wanted to go the week we are on vacation and asked if Nick could reschedule our trip.  Not going to happen.
  • Tomorrow is our anniversary.  14 years.  Officially.  Hard to imagine we would be where we are today.
  • Random goofy picture:
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Seriously Shawn


  1. That's great that you are having successful potty training with Bruiser! I still have yet to really start with my little man.
    I hope you guys have a wonderful vacation :D

  2. The questions do get really old, as well as the whining. The minute they get home from school they bombard me with whines about snacks; argh.

  3. Girl, I have not been here in ages and it's good to catch up a little.

    BOYS!!--- I swear they eat and drink ALL. THE. TIME!! Wait till they get older.

    Happy Early Anniversary!

  4. Oh girl, that kids sure have the questions locked and loaded, mine included.

    We are about to start potty training here. gulp, where is my disinfectant, LOL..

  5. Happy 14!

    Can I bring my laundry over? That would be great.

    Indy had hermit crabs once and...ick. They smelled terrible! Everyone assured me they wouldn't smell. They lied! LIED!

  6. Fourteen years is amazing! Have a wonderful time on your vacation!

  7. Oh potty training...of all the things I miss...that is not one. I had a hard time last month on vacation when we were supposed to act like it was progress that my nephew pooped in the yard 3 times. Have a great vacation!

  8. Oh my, I hear those same questions... every day, all day.

    I do not miss potty training at all!


  9. 14 years is a long time! Congrats! Enjoy your vacation and take lots of pictures!

  10. YAY for success in potty training and YAY for 14 years! That's awesome! Have a great vacation and btw....I added your button to my page! ;)


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