Thursday, August 9, 2012

Spin Cycle--Family

So Gretchen assigned the topic of Family.  That can be a broad subject or a very narrow one.  Family ties, family outings, family holidays, family anything really.  So here goes my take on family.
I know recently I have complained and gritched about my family--my mom and Nick's dad.  I love them, but they are masters at driving Nick and I nuts.  I appreciate everything they've done for us, but there are days when I wish they lived 1000 miles away, not just down the street.  But then doesn't everyone feel that way about their parents?
These guys right here, best family ever.

Love the family time we get together.
 One day I'm sure Turbo and Bruiser will feel the same about us.  Nick and I are just hoping we can give them a good foundation and example of how a family should be.  After all, you can choose your friends, but you're stuck with your family. 
Family is important to Nick and I, but we have pretty small families.  He has one brother as do I.  We don't see them all that often, so we made the conscious decision that family would have to be what we made it.  We have several friends that have become aunts and uncles to our kids, we are the same for their kids.  We are a bit spread out these days as most of these friendships were made in college, but not so far spread that we can't get together every few months.
Family is what you make of it.  Some people have large related families, others get to make family out of friends.
What's your family like?
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  1. That IS a broad topic but nice job with your spin today.

  2. You are completely right about family. Luckily, we do have choices in settling down with our mates, so this can define oh help lay a good foundation. :-)

  3. Family those are the people that some days you can't live with them and other you can't live without them

  4. I totally agree. I think we can define family however we want to, and often the people who we feel closest to, who are our "family" aren't really related at all.

    You are linked! Finally!(thanks for the patience - hard to get to the computer here!)


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