Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Random Tuesday TIme

After a week away from all things plugged in, well mostly, I can honestly say the break was worth it.  I'm ready to plunge back in though.  So let's get at the random:
  • The cabin/lake house we stayed at had no internet, only intermittent phone connection and got only two channels on the TV.  We could occasionally check Facebook, but I couldn't post anything to it. Since we only had two channels we were stuck watching what was available.  We kinda got hooked on America's got talent.  We got to watch the You Tube show. Some of the acts were alright, a couple were quite goods and the rest were strange.  The air guitar guy?  I didn't know air guitar was a  talent.  I still don't think it was a talent.
  • I'm still shaking sand out of bags and shoes.  Sometimes sand can be a little too convenient.
  • The temperature outside was a chilly 42 degrees this morning.  Fall is definitely on it's way.  It will get warm today, but we had a cool start.
  • We are going to get Turbo hermit crabs.  He held up his part of the deal and since I don't want a lizard in the house, we are settling for hermit crabs.  The kid is ridiculously excited by this prospect.  We shall see how it goes.  If he can keep them alive for a while I'll call it a win.
  • Tomorrow is my birthday.  Using my mom's math (counting backwards from 29) I'm turning 19 tomorrow.  Woo Hoo--I've hit my teens again!
  • My kindle was wonderful for vacation.  When I finished one book, I could move on to another one and I didn't have to carry five or six books with me or resort to desperation reading and read what ever was available.  The safety brochures will only provide a certain amount of distraction.
  • There are some really weird commercials out there any more.  Advertisers are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas.
  • And finally one for the raod--where I'd rather be:
Feet on the beach of Grand Traverse Bay.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. I had hermit crabs as a kid! Kind of useless but i liked them. It was cool today here - 71 - so for Florida, that's nice!

  2. I will send you 20 more degrees if you want... I really don't need them and you can have summer a bit longer.

  3. I'm loving the cooler mornings...still getting hot during the day, but cool at night.

    I was telling my aunt recently how I didn't think I'd ever want an e-reader, I love books too much - and she said, "I agree, except when I'm on vacation - it's so nice not to have to bring a bunch of books." - so I can see that appeal for sure!

  4. The only place I can get near that morning temp is my fridge! :-)

  5. sound like a great time and you got a lot of reading done by the sounds

  6. Air guitar does not count as talent. For reals.

  7. Well, hermit crabs shouldn't be too hard to keep up after, so that's good.

    Kindles are awesome, aren't they? I love mine, especially when we travel!

    Happy 19th birthday!

  8. We are no where near cool.

    I want to know this math trick. I like the sound of it.

    Hermit crabs...hmmmm.

    I would rather be at the beach.


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