Friday, August 24, 2012

I have so much to confess...'s been a while since my last confession.  So much has happened.
We did a lot of this stuff:
Donuts on the beach

Dad kayaking

Toes in the sand

Bruiser as captain of his own paddle board

Tubing fun

Turbo up on his third try.

Sand fun.

Excellent boat captains

Summer water fun
I confess I didn't really want to come home.
I confess we are going to finish the kitchen in the next couple of weeks.  We did the cabinets in half of it 7 years ago.  We did the floors earlier this summer and Nick has the home improvement bug so we are going to finish off the remaining side that needs to be done so it all matches.
I confess this makes me rather excited.  A modern looking kitchen without 1920's cabinets?  Sign me up!
I confess I saw an add for low fat chocolate.  I think they shouldn't mess with chocolate.  Chocolate is not supposed to be healthy.  It's supposed to taste so good it makes you feel slightly guilty.

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  1. Oh my gosh, your vacation pics make me want to go to that beach RIGHT NOW!! Looks AMAZING!!

    I agree, nobody should mess with chocolate. Every woman needs that guilty pleasure once in a while - making it healthy will ruin it!!

  2. wow what a great vacation and yay on all the home improvements

  3. Your vacation looks so fun! I love the toes picture. And I agree, either eat real chocolate or don't eat it, but don't destroy it by nonfatting it!

  4. Who would want to come home from a vacation like that? When you're done with your kitchen, do you want to come lend a hand with mine? Pretty, please? =)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Wow it looks like you guys had an awesome time! I am so jealous :D I would love to go tubing again, it's been 3 years since I've gone. :(
    Hope you get your kitchen done soon!
    Great confessions :D

  6. They should never mess with chocolate!

  7. Your photos having me longing for my own beach trip! Hopefully we are going in October. My residents and I made Chocolate cobbler today in our baking group. I'd never heard of it, found it on Pinterest. It was wonderful! Keep up the running! One day, you will just realize how much you like it!

  8. Great confession! Love the pictures!

  9. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all! And that's definitely exciting to get a new kitchen. I can't wait to see how you decorate and paint it up! :)

    (and I totally agree about chocolate!)

  10. I confess: I was sidetracked by the donuts.


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