Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spin Cycle--Work, Work, Work

The spin cycle this week is all about work.  I don't tend to talk about my job here too much.  I try to keep it separate.  However that's not the only work I do.  I am a mom after all.  The work that comes with being a wife and mother is, at times, thankless and never ending.
Running a house is repetitive to say the least.  No sooner do I get the dishes done, the bathroom clean, the laundry done than I get to start all over again. The laundry piles grow, the dishes get dirty again, boys use the bathroom, the floor needs vacuuming again.  I do take satisfaction is a job well done--I just wish it lasted a bit longer.
There are some rewards to doing the work around the house.  Every now and then Nick does express his appreciation--it's all the nicer when he does it unprompted.  Really it's the simple things that keep a house running smoothly.  I'm not the most organized but I do have a system.
I never understood why I had to keep my room cleaned, do dishes, vacuum and do other chores when I was growing up.  At least not until I had first a dorm room, then an apartment, and finally a house to keep clean.  Keeping a room clean is so much easier.  I finally understand the logic behind my mom's harping about doing dishes, cleaning my room and learning how to do laundry.
These are things I will be teaching my boys.  Turbo is already cleaning his room.  Bruiser has been working on picking up his clothes.  Turbo has helped sort laundry.  As soon as he can be relied on to clean the dishes, Turbo will be doing that too.  He has done it a few times but he still needs a stool to reach.  It won't be long though. 
And really isn't that the most important work you can do?  Teach your kids how to live a healthy, clean life?  I won't send my boys out without them knowing the mechanics of doing laundry, washing dishes, cleaning a room, vacuuming, dusting (although I don't do this one all that much), cleaning a bathroom, all the things you need to know to keep a house.  They will impress girls all the more with this knowledge and won't have to rely on someone else to do it.  Sometimes there is no one else to do it.  Sometimes splitting the work is easier and you have to know how to do the work to be able to split the work.  Nick and I split the work now--he takes care of the outside stuff and I take care of the inside stuff, mostly.
So what's your take on work?  Spin it up and link up with Gretchen.
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  1. Hilarious that our titles are the same! I totally agree - running a household is a full time job in and of itself. And I plan on instilling the same work ethic with Aubrey when she gets old enough. Oh how I miss the days when I just had a few chores to do...

  2. I know what you mean! As soon as the kitchen is clean, I need to cook another meal! Repetitive is exactly what housework (and yardwork) is!

  3. this so true it's the same old stuff just different days

  4. Yeah I look at the general "work" I do and lump in both my job and being a mother/housekeeper/wife. It's all work!

  5. I think you're so right about teaching the boys. My m-i-l did a terrible job teaching Jimmy. She admits now that she was too picky about the way things needed to be done, and when he wasn't able to do them the way she wanted, she insisted on just doing them herself, so he never really learned. I'm careful to praise Jude for making his bed even if it's not too nicely done - I figure he'll get better with age!

    You are linked!

  6. And a lot of moms think if they have boys that they don't need to teach them because they will have a wife one day to do it. Bleh! I'm teachin' mine too!

  7. I hear ya sister. Cleaning can be a never ending task..housework can be never ending. I've been trying to stay on top of chores this week and even still there is cereal all over my carpets. It's never ending.

    I too can't wait for my kids to learn how to clean and be self sufficient, my husband wasn't taught how to do those things and there is no way my kids spouses will have to teach my kids how to clean and or anything else!


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