Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spin Cycle--What We did for the Summer

The Spin Cycle this week, in honor of all the kids heading back to school and the unofficial end of summer with Labor Day, is what you did on your summer vacation.  I'm modifying it a bit and showing through pictures what our summer has been.
Camping for Memorial Day--we survived the winds.

Lunches in the back yard.

Enjoying the back deck.
Camping for Nick's birthday.
Putting in a new kitchen floor

Watching the fire fighting helicopters take off.

Nick's 20 year High school reunion
Getting soaked/cooling off at the parade.
Breakfast with friends on the deck.
Fair fun.
Ride 'em at the fair

Hanging in the park
Riding bikes

Lots of cooking out on the grill.
Lake Vacation

Ahhh, toes in the sand.

And finally, going from this...

to this (so far). (check back next week for the finished project)
We had a very full summer.  No wonder it flashed by so fast.  What did you do this summer?  Spin it up and join in on the Spin Cycle with Gretchen.
Second Blooming


  1. Looks like your summer was action packed and fun.

  2. What a full & satisfying summer you guys have had! Ohhh, it's making me miss it already!!

  3. Definitely looks like a packed summer! If I can find some time, I may do this one.

  4. You really have had a busy summer!! And lots of projects!

  5. Your entire summer just screams "All-American", doesn't it? Camping, parades, fairs, grilling. I love it all. And I can't wait to see the new kitchen sink!

    You are linked finally - I was down at Jude's school all morning, sorry.

  6. I hopped over from Spin Cycle. I too live in a sea of testosterone, but I have twicce as much! It a crazy life, but I wouldn't change a thing...usually.
    Sheri in CA

  7. Stumbled on your blog from another one and I have to say what awesome pics!! What a great family you have!! Your summer was awesome!


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