Monday, August 6, 2012

Relax, it's the Weekend

We had a very nice weekend.  It was quiet, relaxing, and fun.
We didn't do too much.  There was some bike riding, a bit of shopping, some music in the park, and I cleaned.  Not as much as I should have but I cleaned some.
Saturday, I headed out to cheyenne to do a bit of shopping.  Swim suit shopping.  Something best done alone. I also needed unders.  Again something best shopped for alone.  nick stayed home with the boys and I got to make a quick trip.  When I got home Nick told me that he had taken the boys on a bike ride.  Turbo rode his bike and Bruiser rode in the chariot.  They had a great time riding on the river trail.  They stopped in the park and the boys got to play.  They had a grand time.
Saturday afternoon the park near our house had Arts in the Park.   There were artisan vendors, music, food, and animals.  We headed over and enjoyed some music and had gelato.

It was pretty nice since it wasn't really hot.  We made dinner and had banana splits.  A pretty nice Saturday all around.
Sunday we went for another bike ride.  It was fun.
Crossing the walk bridge over the railroad tracks.

Heading home.

Hanging by the river.

We bummed around the rest of the day--I got grocery shopping done, cleaned the kitchen floor, did dishes 5000 times.  I swear they mate when I turn my back.  We did a bit of Olympic watching.  But I think we are going to be watching less, just because the count down to vacation is on.
I have so much to do this week.   Laundry, packing, getting things charged up to go like the DVD player, DS and Kindle.  Gathering chargers, activity things for little boys, all the stuff you need when traveling with small people.
How was your weekend?


  1. That does look nice and relaxing!

  2. It really does sound like a great weekend! Good luck with everything you need to do before the big trip.


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