Friday, December 9, 2011

Confession Time

Time to confess it all again.  It's Friday!
  • Bruiser is trying to kill us slowly, or not make it to his third birthday.
  • Tuesday he skidded down the stairs while my mom was taking him to bed.  About gave her a heart attack.
  • He also learned what a time out is, although I think it sort of went over his head as he ended up playing with the door to our bedroom.
  • What did he do to earn said time out?
  • He told me to shut up.
  • Not trying too hard for that third birthday there kid.
  • Nick has hurt his ankle again--hopefully just a tendon that got stretched and not another evulsion fracture.
  • I have been hating the extreme cold we have had recently.
  • Turbo had his Christmas program last night.  
  • He was so cute!
  • Have any of you blogger people out there tried the new blogger interface?
  • I've tried it twice and there are things I like and things I don't.
  • Currently the things I don't like out weigh the things I do.
  • I am really getting tired of hearing about the Kardashians and every little thing they do.
  • I really wish the housecleaning elves would find their way to my house.
  • However I'm pretty sure they froze on the way there.
  • Stupid elves and stupid weather.
Go join in the confessing fun.  Mamarazzi is on bloggy break so the fun is being kept alive by Debra at Housewife Eclectic.


  1. He told you to shut up?! Dude, I think my mouth would have stayed open on that one.
    What is blogger interface?

  2. I use the new blogger interface. Took some getting used to but I actually like it better.

    I would like to wager a small guess that Bruiser has a bit more of Nick's genes and Turbo yours...just a guess here.

  3. oh man. 2s are a hard age. G is just all attitude.

  4. Hey, when those elves finally do make it to your house, tell them that their about six months late to mine =)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Oh man, he told you to shut up? I seriously think this is the hardest age. My girl just turned three on Thursday and I swear all I get from her is sass. I miss when she couldn't sass me. Here is to hoping three is better than two!

  6. You know what? I can't stand the Kardashians either. Why exactly are they famous anyway? I will never understand it. NEVER.

    I can't believe he told you to shut up. NOT NICE.

    I hope the weekend perks up for you! =)

  7. My two year old keeps telling me to shut my mouth! My oldest never said anything like that to me. What's the deal?


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