Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random Tuesday--Talking to Santa

Well it's time to random it up agian.  Seems to come around every Tuesday like clockwork.
So here goes:
  • Turbo wrote typed a letter to Santa:
  • Dear Santa,  How are you in the northpole? I'm looking forward to your visit.  I want Lego Harry Potter years 5-7 video game.  I'd love the mother alein ship lego set.  I'd love it if you give me an Xbox 360 with Kinect then I could play portal 2 the video game.  Oh I almost forgot, I want portal 2 the video game.  I would also like the movies Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 and 2.  I would like a Nintendo DSi XL like my mom has.  For my stocking could you find some Lego mini figures--any kind will do.  Also i would like a Lego Ninjago battle set.  And can you get me a Bare Naked Ladies CD?  Woolie socks would be nice too.   I really hope you can come visit me this year.  I have been pretty good this year.  I;m trying.  Look forward to Christmas day, and I will leave you cookies and egg nog and a carrot for the reindeer.  Merry Christmas,  TURBO 
  • I love that he just goes right to the asking, no beating around the bush for Turbo.
  • It is about time to find NORAD and the Santa tracker.  Turbo will check in repeatedly on Dec. 24.  He loves to see where Santa is and how close he's getting to us.
  • I also did the Portable North Pole video for both boys.  They loved it.  Bruiser has asked to see his again.
  • In other news, I am rocking the laundry this week--even the sheets got done, folded and put away.  Go me!
  • I won't mention the state of the bathroom upstairs.  Or the fact that the carpet in the living room could produce another animal if it tried--hair wise anyway.  
  • While we were getting the Christmas tree I had my own show of Christmas spirit.  We had a long downhill and then an uphill to where the tree was, so going back with the tree was a downhill and then an uphill.  We went up with our cross country skis.  Turbo had his, I had mine and Nick was on his with Bruiser in the Kelty backpack carrier.  Since Nick had to stay upright with Bruiser, I got to drag the tree back.  The downhill was not to bad, but the uphill was enough to just about kill me.  I made it up about half way when a nice man on a snow mobile came up behind me and offered to pull the tree the rest of the way back to the parking lot.  I jumped on the offer and let him do the hauling the easy way.  Christmas spirit in action.
  • We have been trying to get Bruiser to ask nicely or say please when he wants something, instead of just demanding it.  However the concept of nicely has not really sunk in to him.  If we say can you ask nicely, he says "Nicely?" instead of please.  We have to ask him to say please specifically.  Which is difficult to do with a straight face.  It always makes me giggle to hear him saying "nicely?" like you should say please?
  • Turbo has been having difficulty with the word specific.  It always comes out pacific.  This makes me giggle too.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. What a nice guy helping you with that tree!!

    I love listening to little people talk. It's so cute!

  2. I love Turbo's letter to Santa! Ryan's is about the same, everything LEGO.

  3. I would like a letter to Santa too. I have been playing Santa for the last two weeks and it is a lot of fun. New GFC follower, swing by and visit me sometimes. ;-)

  4. I'm with Turbo--no need for the polite chit chat, Santa is busy, just get to it!

    And tell him not to worry, I know adults who still can't pronounce specific.

  5. Your boys are adorable - Turbo's Santa letter is so cute, I really liked how he added in the "any kind will do", like, Really, Santa, don't stress yourself over me too much, whatever you have will be fine.

    And I love Bruiser's "Nicely?" story - TOO cute!!!

  6. I want some snow!!! Sadly, it'll be awhile for us, I'm sure. And it certainly won't be anything you can drive a snow mobile through! :o)

    Your son likes the Bare Naked Ladies? I didn't even realize they were still putting out stuff! I LOVED them in high school!

  7. I must say, your boys sound quite cute! The letter to Santa is rad, and actually has some pretty reasonable requests in terms of age-appropriate things. BTW, Portal 2 is great -- one of my favs ever! Brain teasers + good story... ;)

    "Nicely!" Priceless stuff there. :D

    Congrats on rocking the laundry! I struggle to get it done. I mean, it all gets washed, but putting it away? Hahaha!!

    Happy Tuesday :)

  8. Cute Santa letter. I admire your effort to get a tree. We bought ours than tossed it into the back of the truck.

  9. Turbo sure isn't asking for much now is he? lol One thing for sure, he's a kid who knows what he wants.

    I remember when our kiddos would write letters. That's such a sweet memory. In fact, I have all of them somewhere. It's time to get that stuff organized.

    Sounds like you're making head way at your place. I have much to yet. Speaking of washing the bedding, that's what I'm in the middle of currently. We're expecting a cooler snap of weather in the next few days. Time to throw on another blanket!

    Thanks fo stopping by!

  10. A Bare Naked Ladies CD? Rock on, Turbo!
    (I still trip over specific.)

  11. Love how he lays it all right out there!

    I want snow, so tired of the rain

  12. I love the Christmas list. He knows what he wants and he knows how to communicate. I sure hope Santa gets the message!

  13. You gotta love his letter to Santa! So adorable!

    Emma has finally learned her manners. It took us a while but she now says please and thank you at the appropriate times. But she will randomly say "sorry" for no reason at all. I'm not quite sure how to solve that problem yet.

    Thanks for linking up with us Miss Vandy!

  14. I have the same problem with specific and Pacific.

    Oh and making a memory of the year Mom hauled the tree uphill... not fun. AT! ALL!

  15. So much random. I don't know where to begin! Turbo is just saving Santa time and getting to the point. Your house sounds a lot like mine right now. If you run out of laundry, I have plenty you can do.

  16. Turbo's Santa Letter is priceless. I love that he typed it - Princess Nagger asked if she could type hers this year, too. :) She and Turbo would get along famously since they share so many of the same interests! :)

    That guy on the snowmobile was awesome dragging your tree the rest of the way for you. Was it Santa? ;)

    I'm off to check out the Portable North Pole - I bet Princess Nagger and Little Dude would get a kick out of that! Did you use the boys real names for that, or their nicknames?

  17. aw letters to Santa, so sweet. When did they get so high tech though? He typed his letter, and it's all electronics. Sign of the times! :-)

    Nicely? Ha, I would have had trouble keeping a straight face too.

  18. Do you think Turbo can teach my girls how to make a wish list? All I get is "I don't know". Dang that boy is good!

    You cut down your own tree? Man you're good, all we do is drag ours out of the attic.

    I love your randoms and I love that always link up with us, you're the best!


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