Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Random Tuesday Before Christmas

So, everyone is all ready for Christmas right?  No?  Well that makes a bunch of us.
  • This head cold is kicking me in the head.  My sinuses hate me.  I just hope it moves on quickly.
  • Turbo had a stomach bug over the weekend.  Guess who he shared it with?
  • I still have presents to wrap.
  • I'm hoping for snow.
  • Turbo got Pirate Farkle for Christmas from a friend of ours.  It's a really fun game to play.
  • My brain is just not with it.  
  • Santa should be pretty good to everyone this year.  I know the boys are going to have a very good Christmas.
  • Turbo tried to tell me yesterday that he thought that Santa sometimes told parents that he could not make it and for them to give the presents.  I told him that nope, Santa exists.  I still believe in Santa.  If you don't believe in Santa, you don't get presents.  We are hoping he will continue to profess belief even if he doesn't, for the sake of Bruiser if nothing else.  We are appealing to his greed mostly.
Well that about covers what I have today.  It's not much, so go see Stacy for more random.
And go see Shawn and Impulsive Addict for Talking to you Tuesday.
Seriously Shawn


allstarme said...

Yeah we've been battling this sickness for a while. While I haven't been all-out sick, my stomach has hurt and my sinuses hurt as well. It sucks! Feel better.

McKenzie said...

Get better soon! Being sick this time of year is not fun. Usually my allergies start acting up at the worst times, so I am crossing my fingers that they don't pop up soon!

Connie said...

We are all just getting over being sick.

I hope you get everything done before the big day!!

Becca @ R We There Yet Mom? said...

Awe- I hate being sick around the holidays!

Hope you feel better soon!


Jill said...

I'm afraid my 6-year-old nephew is starting to hear things at school about Santa...and it makes me sad. He's only 6! Too young to not believe! He just kind of rolls his eyes when we mention Santa, like, "yeah yeah, sure sure."

Hope you're all feeling better by Christmas! :)

Melissa said...

My kids are both old enough to know...but we still believe in Santa, and all gifts are always from Santa.
I hope everyone gets to feeling better for Christmas. It used to be I had the flu every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year....well I'm just not going to say! :)

Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, I hope you feel better, especially in time for Christmas!

My Mercurial Nature said...

Why do the sickies always hit around the holidays? My Dad just came to visit and brought his cold with him. Why thank you...ugh.

Nicole said...

I wonder what my 8 year old step-daughter thinks of Santa... no one really says much...

Impulsive Addict said...

I think sickness is going around the internet. I've been down for 2 days. I'm about to attempt some solid food because I'm so freaking hungry. At least mine isn't the stomach bug. That gets ugly. I hope he's feeling better.

I'm hoping for a little snow too. And I'm still waiting on my last few gifts to trickle in this week. I never wait this long to finish. I'm so lame.

Thanks for linking up!! =)

Becca said...

I hope that you feel better soon! And yes Santa exists..Merry Christmas!

Shawn said...

I hate being sick for the Holidays! Last year the girls got the stomach flu and shared it with me and my sister. Worse part, it started the night of Peanuts birthday party, they were both throwing up while guests were here. I had to send everyone home is a hurry, that's not a good party favor!

Have a very Merry Christmas and thanks for linking up!


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