Thursday, December 22, 2011

Year End Recap--July to September

So Emmy Mom, CA Girl, Emilisq, Grumpy Grateful Mom, Impulsive Addict, Janette of Johanson Journey, MiMi Living in France, and Runner mom are doing a year end recap extravaganza and I thought it would be a great way to remember the last year.  It's time for July to September:


  • Nick got a new job--now we work just a bit closer together.
  • I did a post on my boys as brothers.
  • I posted about those accidental magic moments you have with kids.
  • the rest of September was consumed by routine--clean house, make dinner, hang out with the boys.
  • I did go hunting for the first time ever and I got my antelope.  It's very good eating.
So that covers the next quarter of the year.  Some of those months sped by, other's drug on and on.  Go see the other recaps and enjoy seeing the year go by.


  1. Ok, I'm voting for this section as the best part of the year!

  2. I have only held a gun once, awesome you got an antelope! Love the baby pictures. Thanks so much for linking up. I have your point recorded.

  3. I missed your new back porch! I had to check it out. That looks GREAT! Do you still love it? It's probably covered with snow right now, huh? My in-laws just did something similar with their back porch and pavers.

    Thanks for linking up with us! Have a GREAT Christmas!

  4. I don't think I could hunt, but def would like to go to the shooting range.

    Love those popsicle pics. Too cute!!

  5. Your magic moments gave me a huge smile tonight!!! The first picture of the brothers was my favorite.

    Wonderful recap!


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