Friday, December 30, 2011

Year End Recap--October to December

So Emmy Mom, CA Girl, Emilisq, Grumpy Grateful Mom, Impulsive Addict, Janette of Johanson Journey, MiMi Living in France, and Runner mom are doing a year end recap extravaganza and I thought it would be a great way to remember the last year.  It time to end the year.  Yep, October, November and December are up for this week.

So that is the last recap for the year.  My others are January to March, April to June, and July to September.
Go see some of the other recaps, just click the button below.


  1. I'm so glad the neighbor drama stopped! And that you survived the holidays. :D

  2. So jealous of your snow! I wish we had some...I just keep waiting.

  3. I keep hearing about Big Bang Theory-- I may have to start watching.

    And your son's Santa letter was great--straight to the point with a bribe at the end. I hope it worked out well for him. :)

  4. Oh I remember that neighbor drama- made me so mad. And yes, snow in October is just wrong. Thanks so much for linking up every week. I have your 4th week and bonus point recorded

  5. I just read the problem with the neighbors post....Omagosh. HOW frustrating!! And seriously, my blood pressure went up just reading it.
    But, I want some pumpkin pie bread now. Never had it, but I love both things separately so I'm sure together they would be awesome.

  6. That stupid neighbor drama!

    I love that you guys are into Big Bang Theory now. HA! I'm ready for new episodes of all my favorite shows.

    Thanks for linking up. Sorry I'm just now making my rounds. The in laws are still in town making blogging IMPOSSIBLE!

  7. I don't always watch BBT but I do love SHeldon. He's awesome! hahaha.

    Oooh those neighbor kids sound like trouble. Grrr. SO does the mom. Not cool. I would have been mortified.


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