Monday, December 12, 2011

It's Only How Long Til Christmas?!

This weekend was fun.  No, I really mean fun.  We did lots and it went by too quickly and wait, how many days til Christmas?
We had cousins over so their mom and dad could go do the necessary Christmas shopping.  We had dinner with them afterward, tacos.  Cause tacos work for everyone, except small boys and possibly a small girl.  They did end up eating--after promises of no sleepover if no dinner was eaten.  Dinner was eaten.  Then Turbo headed home with them for a sleep over.  I got to head over and get him Sunday morning, got a good breakfast out of it though.
Nick headed out ice fishing Sunday morning.  He did catch a fish which his friend then smoked for us.  It was really good.  Unfortunately, early last week Nick hurt his ankle again.  As it is not improving by staying off it and keeping it elevated, he is probably going to have to have more doctor help for his ankle.  I really hope he can get something done about it.  It's tough to watch him be in pain.
 I had a friend over Sunday night and we made cookies, lots and lots of cookies.  A batch of candy cane cookies and a batch of spritz cookies.  They both turned out better than I thought they would.  I got approval for them from the guys.  Now all I have to make are chocolate chip cookies for Santa.  They go better with milk.
Then it hit me.  Christmas is only 13 days away.  It is speeding toard us like a train.  I only hope I can get out of the way.  No one wants to get run over by the train of Christmas.  Riding it is much more fun.
One of Turbo's ornaments.

A proud Bruiser and his Monster Trucks.

My handsome Turbo all dudded up for the program.
Hope everyone had a productive weekend and are getting ready for Christmas.  It's a coimin', ready or not!


  1. Beautiful post, VandyJ! And gorgeous tree and very handsome boys! You have a super fabulous family! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. The boys look so handsome!
    And yes, Christmas is coming quickly. I'm not sure if I want it to or not, there's so much going on.

  3. Oh no! I hadn't realized it was so soon. I better get going. The boys look great! Hope Nick gets well soon.

  4. Hmm...smoked fish is a new one on me! After last night's fiasco, I'm not so sure my taste buds could handle it! I am so looking forward to Christmas and having my family together under one roof, again!

  5. Shhh don't talk about how many more days left this year has flown by and sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one totally surprised by how close Christmas is. I mean, I have everything done for it, but I still feel unprepared for how fast this year is flying. Meep!

  7. Christmas is flying for me! I still haven't finished (started) my shopping yet!


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