Monday, December 19, 2011

And the Countdown is On...

So who's ready for Christmas?
Just wanted to throw that out there.  Seems to be speeding up on us rather quickly, doesn't it?
Nick and I got our shopping done this weekend.  Well, the shopping we could do together.  I have no idea if Nick has gotten any shopping done.  You know, for me.  He'll pull it off, but it always amazes me that he does.
Now we have wrapping to do.  Both for stuff we are giving the boys and for Santa.  To bad that by the end of the evening, I feel too wiped out to do anything.
Turbo is counting down the days.  I have lots planned to get through Friday and Saturday. Friday we are going to have to go to the Chocolate Cellar, Wrap the present he got for Bruiser, play some video games and watch a couple of Christmas movies.  On Saturday, we are making chocolate chip cookies, brownies, checking on the location of Santa on Santa Tracker, going over to Papa and Nana's for dinner, then going to look at lights before coming home and shuffling boys off to bed so Santa can make his deliveries.  With any luck this will keep us busy enough to help the time move along relatively quickly.  Anything to avoid the cries of How much longer? and Can we open a present now?
Having to work this next week is going to be difficult.  It seems so mundane to go to work.  And since it's so close to the holidays, no one is there.  I really hope this is a shorter week than expected.
To top it off, Nick and I are flirting around with a head cold.  My nose is runny and Nick just sounds really stuffed up.  Turbo had a minor stomach bug over the weekend.  I guess if we have to get sick, it's better to be sick now than this coming weekend.
So, I hope everyone is close to being ready for Christmas.  I know we are--almost!


  1. I'd actually love to start wrapping the Santa gifts but I fear Ell will see them in the closet and wonder. As it stands, he sees cardboard boxes and has no idea!

  2. Totally not ready for Christmas...but at least I just got our shopping done, so that's an accomplishment! Stay well and hope that head cold goes away before the weekend!

  3. You nailed it: mundane. I'm 70% ready. I wish I could teleport myself to a mall while the kids are sleeping. There just aren't enough hours in the day.


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