Thursday, December 15, 2011

Year End Recap--April to June

So Emmy Mom, CA Girl, Emilisq, Grumpy Grateful Mom, Impulsive Addict, Janette of Johanson Journey, MiMi Living in France, and Runner Mom are doing a year end recap extravaganza and I thought it would be a great way to remember the last year.  I did January to March last week.  This week is April to June.
  • Turbo started having nightmares--about Zombies.  We were able to get him past it, barely.  He still has issues with zombie images.
  • The weather cooperated for us to go camping for Mother's day.
  • We did lots of mundane things, nothing terribly exciting, but the weather was acting more springish.
  • Turbo turned 8!
  • We got to go camping for Memorial day--with snow thrown in for fun.  I got sick, so pictures of the weekend ever got posted.
The only photos of our trip to the lake that are easy to find.  I can still have fun with the ladies.

  • I got sick, like sinus infection, sore throat, knocked on my butt sick.  It was so fun.
  • Nick went to work in the field--meaning he was doing geological mapping and was out where his field area was.
  • I started to feel better and spring really came to stay, just in time for summer.
  • We went to the mountains to see just how much snow was still up there--mind you, this trip was the middle of June.
  • We ended the month with much anticipation for the Fourth of July weekend.  And random early summer stuff.
So there you have it.  With last week and this week we have covered half the year.  It seemed to go by a bit slower than that, but not much.


  1. I'm so amazed that I remember most of those posts! Wow, this year has gone by TOO quickly!!

  2. I didn't think it would be *that* early for The Talk. I guess if you watch a lot of nature shows!

  3. love the recap as i hadn't met you yet great post

  4. Wow, snow while camping, doesn't sound like much fun to me! Of course I'm not a cold weather person either... bring on the heat :)

  5. Oh, I am really dreading the sex talk. Not ready for that yet!
    Two of my kids have sinus infections right's rough going.
    Your camping trip looks like a blast!
    Off to see the mountain pics now.
    Thanks for recapping with us again:)

  6. I love Brandi. Isn't she sweet? I've met her IRL since she is a fellow Oklahoma blogger!

    I so remember the markers! HA!

    Having a sex talk gives me chills. I'm not gonna handle that very well. Any advice you wanna share will be put away for safe keeping! =)

    Thanks for linking up again Miss Vandy!

  7. I will be glad when we are past the cold months as all these recaps mentioning snow make me cold :)

    I remember the zombie nightmares. I did the favorite things swap too- it was fun.

    And not looking forward to the sex talk- so far haven't had to really have one.

    Thanks again for linking up!! I have your point recorded.

  8. Weirdest weather year. Too much snow and cold at the beginning and now no snow for Christmas!!! Bah hum bug! Thanks for linking up again!

  9. I love the markered toes--I think he's really got some artistic talent!

    And it fun watching your vlog too! I'm always curious to hear what people actually sound like. You did great!

  10. You have done some re-vamping to your blog I have meant to comment about-- looks good!! I thought of you b/c my dad gave me his christmas wish list and on it was geological supplies for an upcoming project he's doing. I think I'll just do a starbucks gift card-- I'm not really hip on where to get those kinds of things. I'd love to go camping-- in a cabin with air conditioning or heating which ever..

  11. Those pretty marker painted toenails are so funny! I've had to have several "talks" with my 10-year-old this year. I just try to get them over with as quickly as possible and hope she doesn't ask too many questions!


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