Monday, January 31, 2011

It's a Birthday, It's a Lazy Day...

So our weekend.  It was mostly Bruiser's birthday and then a lazy day, for everyone else.  I was quite productive this weekend.  A very good thing considering that the outside temps are heading to the basement.  Tomorrow we are not supposed to get above zero.  In fact -10 is supposed to be the high temperature.  Can we all say brrrrr!!!
Bruiser loved getting toys for his birthday, but he looked at us like we were all nuts when we sang to him.  At least he didn't cry like last year.  He likes his Ybike balance bike and he really likes the walking dinosaur that Papa and Nana got him.  He got a soft farm with puppets from his uncles and he has had a good time playing with the finger puppets.  He knows what sound the pig makes.
As for my productivity--I showed the laundry who's boss.  The only thing left are the towels to fold.  They are sitting in the dryer right now.  I rocked the laundry this weekend.  I made brownies for Bruiser's birthday, cleaned house, did copious amounts of dishes, we had loads of people over for Bruiser's birthday, I went thrift shopping with friends, got the grocery shopping done for the week, and I even managed to take care of Nick--he caught a head cold.  Productive indeed.  Maybe next weekend I can just do nothing--sounds lovely. 
Oh, and I also managed to finish a book.  It was sort of a Vampire Romance/Mystery sort of book.  Although I liked it, it wasn't really a romance.  I was happy to finish a book that has been sitting on the shelf, unread, for over a year now.  It was Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs.  Cute book and there's more in the series so I'll have to collect them some time.
So how was your weekend?  Get lots done--or maybe nothing at all?  Either way, tell me something about it.


  1. I washed dishes at Disney World. True story!
    And another happy birthday to Bruiser!

  2. I love folding towels because they are so easy and once they are folded, it's done. Regular loads can take forever with all of the little things, but a load of towels is quick and easy. I'll come fold your towels, you come do my socks, K?

  3. As usual I prcrastinated all weekend and got very little done, though I did manage to unload the dishwasher. Wanna stop by my house and show my laundry who's boss? Come on, I know ya wanna! ;)

  4. The Bottomless Pit didn't want to pay to have our new washing machine delivered. Long story short? He dropped it down the basement stairs and my laundry pile is out of control. And it smells like cheese.

    Glad your little one had a good birthday! My cousin cried on his first birthday, too, while everyone was singing him Happy Birthday. The visual...priceless.

  5. Sounds like you were all kinds of busy this weekend! I got to get away for the night & it was awesome... wish it was more then just 1 night. Ahhh a mama can dream can't she! Funny how you showed laundry who is boss... I did too, but then 3 days later it is showing me. Sigh! :)


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