Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's Up Round Here

Well so last night I went out with some friends.  This has become a sort of weekly thing--and it is so good for me to just get out and away from the family.  I come home and can face the rest of the week and the weekend with out wanting to hide from the boys.  There are three of us who get together--I keep asking another friend to join us, but she hasn't made it yet.  We go various places and just talk about all kinds of stuff.  Grownup, adult stuff, family stuff, kid stuff.  All kinds of stuff really.  And have a couple of drinks.  Good times.

Nick is going to a foot doctor tomorrow to see what can be done for his foot.  We are hoping that something can be done so he will feel like doing things again.  This whole heel thing has really put a damper on skiing, and really just leaving the house for Nick. If we can get this fixed before summer it would be a good thing.

Turbo has discovered the Magic Tree House books.  Nana got him the first 16 books on CD and the first 8 as books--so he could follow along as they were read to him.  He is loving listening to them and playing with his Legos in his room.  We are going to find a portable CD player and a case so he can take thses with him.  And I forsee more book on CD in his future.

And Bruiser--well Bruiser continues to be BRuiser.  He turns two next weekend--I can't believe that two years ago I was uncomfortable pregnant and waiting for him to show up.  Now he walks and talks, and has such an awesome personality.  More about him next week in the post I will do for his birthday.

Hope the week has gone well for everyone.  Mine started on a good note, but I didn't know it until I checked today--I won the weekly contest at Leigh vs the Laundry.  She has a weekly caption contest for a picture from Awkward Family Photos on Fridays and announces the winner on Monday.  This Monday I won.  Go see the photo and the runner up captions.  For winning I get to display the award badge she give out.  It looks like this.
Go see Leigh and check out her contest of Friday, the picture are always funny!


  1. My oldest loves the Magic Treehouse books too, they are fun reads!

  2. Time out with the girls is the BEST! I have a monthly GNO, and I look forward to it all month long.
    I hope they can find a solution for your hubby's foot!

  3. I hope that Nick feels better soon. Anything that encourages reading is okay in my book so buy CDs away for Turbo. Bruiser = adorable.

  4. Magic Treehouse books are the best and Bruiser is a doll!

  5. Congrats on the win! Def going to go check out the picture. I will have to find some Magic Treehouse books for my kids.

  6. I need to check on those Magic Treehouse books. Sound great!

  7. I need to check on those Magic Treehouse books. Sound great!

  8. those books seem awesome. gonna have to check them out!


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